Here’s Why You Should Consider Tinted Windows For Your Car

Here’s Why You Should Consider Tinted Windows For Your Car

You probably already have your reasons for preferring tinted windows over clear ones for your new car. You might also want to switch to tinted windows if you bought a car with clear windows. However, then there are important things to note. Understanding the purpose of tinted windows and the different types available in the market will help you make the right decision about your preferred car window tint.

Let’s start at the very beginning; what’s the story behind tinted windows? The following post offers a useful summary of their history:


You might think car window tinting is a relatively new feature in the world of automotive customization, but the slick shaded glass you see on cars today is the result of literally centuries of development. So the next time you slip into your cool car on a hot summer day, thank the UV-blocking film on your windows, but also the innovators through history who made it happen.


The earliest known tinted glass originated in ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures, which developed processes for tinting and coloring glass for beads and decorative pots. Around 100 A.D., Romans began using clear glass for windows, and by the medieval period in Europe and the Middle East, the process for coloring glass by adding metallic oxide powders was widely used to make stained glass windows for palaces, churches, and mosques. Read more at Stereo Depot...

Evidently, window tinting has come a long way over the centuries. Now you can better appreciate the convenience you get to enjoy each time you get into a vehicle with tinted windows.

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Tinted windows offer many benefits to you as well as to your car. The following post describes four of them in detail:

4 Major Benefits of Tinting Your Car’s Windows

There’s a growing interest and demand for the use of window tints in many cars worldwide, and it’s easy to see why. Window Tints come in a variety of degrees to cater for the different permeation limit and tolerance.

If professionally installed, window tints offer an aspect of aesthetic allure and a pleasing glamour. While many people consider the use of window tint as an application of a cosmetic makeover for their vehicles, window tinting offers plenty of other major benefits worth considering.

For starters, window tinting helps to protect you from excessive heat and harmful ultra-violet light. That said, before you tint your car, you need to get accustomed to the traffic rules within your jurisdiction to avoid breaking the law. Read more at The News Wheel...

Window tinting is not just beneficial for your privacy. It also protects you from the harmful rays of the sun, and can also prevent damage to your windows in case of an accident.

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To make the most of these benefits, you need to choose the right type of window tint. The following post explains how to do this:


When choosing window film, the number of options available is overwhelming... Here are some tips to help you choose the best window film that will give you all of the benefits you want and the longevity you need.


The first step in narrowing down your window tint choices is to understand the different types of window film on the market today. Most window tint is either non-reflective film or metalized film. Both provide heat and glare control, but metalized film has a reflective surface that provides additional privacy. Many states do not allow metallic, reflective tinting on vehicles.

The materials used to create window tint also vary from one product to the next. Most manufacturers offer dyed film, carbon film or ceramic film. Read more at Rayno Film...

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