Here’s How To Transform Your Business Trip Into An Adventure

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Over time, ideas like ‘Think outside the box’ or ‘Think without the box’ have become cliché. However, such principles have paved the way for great inventions that people would never have imagined just 50 years ago. The same principle should, therefore, apply for any activity you are involved in – including your mundane business trips. With just a bit of creativity, you’ll find yourself looking forward to the next business trip. This post will help you discover how.

First, let’s look at a practical example of how business trips have served to transform an organization for the better. The following post explains how business trips became a catalyst for productivity in one company:

How Travel Can Make You More Productive: 5 Tips From a Tech Founder

For an email productivity company based in Silicon Valley, the last thing you expect is to see the team jetting off to places like Hawaii and Switzerland to increase productivity. But Boomerang is using travel to fuel creativity — and it has led to some of the company’s biggest launches.

“We started traveling as a team as soon as we could afford to,” says cofounder Aye Moah, “And that was the year the company turned profitable.” Read more at Forbes…

The above is certainly a great example of a new way to look at business travels. With the right ideas, this might actually work for your organization as well.

business transportation

Business travel for a group or an individual can yield more than you might think is possible. The following post describes how a business trip can become a multi-dimensional adventure:

12 Ways to Optimize Business Travel for Fun

Business travel can feel so close and yet so far from a vacation. Often, you’re heading off to a new place, all expenses paid. You’re also there to work, not frolic, so it’s not exactly as if you have lots of free time.

If you can plan your time right, though, and travel strategically, business trips can be a great way to see the world. Here are a few suggestions for ways to get more out of your work trips than just a business deal. Read more at Earnest…

There are lots of ways to make your business trip a fun adventure. You just need to pay close attention to the many little decisions you make and then add a pinch of creativity.

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Even if you’re traveling alone and not as a group, there is a lot you can do to make your trip memorable and worth looking forward to:

How to Maximize Your Solo Time on a Business Trip

Business travel comes with its ups and downs. The perks like traveling to new destinations, expense accounts, earning miles and accumulating experiences are all exciting. But the downside for many travelers is the stress that comes with business travel, including that of leaving family behind and feeling lonely on the road. So how do you combat these feelings? I’ve put together nine ideas for maximizing your solo time on a business trip so that you feel refreshed and energized when you get home. This way, you’ll not only appreciate your time away, but also appreciate being back home that much more. Read more at Tripit…

Make your trip an energizing experience, learn a lot, and explore as much as you can. These are just a few of the benefits that come with using your creative juices as you plan your business trip.

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business transportation

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