What’s Your Car Engine Size?

What’s Your Car Engine Size?

What do you prioritize when you are shopping for a car? Is it the model, type, or its features? You probably have your own list of preferences for your ideal car. However, there are certain important elements that you shouldn’t overlook. One of them is the engine size.

Is it better to go for a car with a bigger engine or a smaller one? Which of these performs better? The size of the engine and its implications are discussed in the following post:

What do engine sizes actually mean?

Understanding engine size and how it affects your car-buying decision.

An engine’s size is otherwise referred to as its ‘capacity’ or ‘displacement’. Without getting too complicated, it’s a measurement of how much space the engine’s pistons operate in. A bigger number means each piston is able to push more air and fuel through the car’s engine every time it moves.

The number is expressed in cubic centimeters (cc) and on engines with a capacity or displacement greater than 1,000cc (one liter) it’s usually rounded up to the nearest tenth of a liter. As a rule of thumb, the bigger this number is, the more power you can expect the engine to produce. Read more Carbuyer…

There are a lot of considerations to make on just the engine, from its size to the type of fuel needed to run it. Make sure you have all your facts right.

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Another common assumption that people make is that all big cars have big engines and all small cars have small engines. Well, the opposite can be the case, as described in the following post:


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize the ingredients needed to make the fastest car from a company's range - find the smallest car you can and somehow cram the biggest engine you produce under the bonnet.

It can be quite a risky move for a manufacturer, considering the amount of potential engineering trickery that might have to go into the design just to get the engine to fit. Take Jaguar with its latest XE SV Project 8 - the car has been forced to only come in left-hand drive because the V8 is simply too big when trying to get the all-wheel drive system alignment to work.

These cars, however, have managed to perfect the formula, resulting in some true production hotrods for the road. Read more at Drive Tribe…

If you are fascinated with powerful cars but don’t like the idea of having a big one, no worries. You can get exactly what you want with the array of car options available today.

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On the other hand, if you’ve always wanted a car with a small engine, and have always assumed that it would mean getting one that doesn’t look cool, there’s good news for you, as discussed in the following post:

Cars with Small Engines That Look Cool

Cars don't have to have huge engines to be cool...

There are plenty of reasons why one might want a car with a small engine. Maybe you are on a strict budget. Or, if you are a young person, you want to keep your insurance as low as possible. Or, maybe you simply want a car with a small engine.

But the problem is, do they look as good as cars with bigger engines?

Yes, they do. Admittedly, not all of them. But there are many cars with small engines out there that look just as good….

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta comes in many forms, but it’s the models with the small engines that we’re looking at today. Read more at OSV…

Powerful cars, big cars with large engines, small cars with large engines…whatever you are looking for, you can get the perfect combination if you simply take the time to do your research and look around.

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