Have A Wonderful Wine Tour Experience

Have A Wonderful Wine Tour Experience

Wine tours ARE primarily supposed to be a wonderful experience, except of course on rare occasions when things go out of control. Can you recall the time you had your first wine tour? Well, more often than not, first-timers may not get the most fun out of this experience. There are many things that get better as we keep experiencing them, and wine tasting is no exception. In fact, the more experienced you get in wine tasting, the more enjoyable it can become.

They say first-hand experience is the best teacher. The second best? Well, let's settle for experts' advise. If you're new to this whole wine tour thing, it is important to take note of some dos and don'ts, so skip those common mistakes and go straight to the fun part of wine tasting event.

Take it from The Wall Street Journal's Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, both  are full-time wine columnists since 2000. In one of their writing, they spilled 15 Steps To A Successful Winery Visit, specifying some important things to remember like:

"1. Get an empty box for wine.

2. Hire a car or have a designated driver.

3. Take the kids, but, if you do, find something for them to do.

4. Go early, especially on weekends.

5. Focus on the smaller places.

6. Be polite.

7. Try new, unfamiliar things.

8. Have an answer to the question, “What kind of wine do you like?”

9. Ask where the grapes were grown.

10. Ask questions.

11. Remember that it’s a tasting room, not a bar.

12. Be careful how much you buy.

13. Keep wines out of the hot car.

14. Ask wineries how to ship your wine back.

15. Finally, keep this in mind: The wines you bought at the winery will not taste as good at home as they did at the winery. We’re sorry to end this list with a downer, but it’s true. When you’re there, surrounded by the wondrous sights and smells of a winery, with the winemaker across the bar, pouring wine in pristine condition that has never traveled, the wine tastes special. You simply can’t replicate those conditions at home. But this is exactly why you should go taste wine at a winery this week."

Somewhat the ending note is an important emphasis, but the rest of the tips are as equally important to remember, so take it from the well-experienced individuals.

Another source gives useful tips on proper etiquette when it comes to wine tasting events.

"If you've never been to a wine tasting, be aware that a few matters of etiquette apply at most tastings. Familiarizing yourself with this etiquette will help you feel more comfortable. Otherwise, you're likely to be appalled by what you see or hear. Why are those people behaving like that?!"

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