The Real Cost Of Luxury Car Maintenance

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Getting a new car is more than just about driving. Car maintenance is one of the main things you have to think about ahead before acquiring that new set of wheels. Expect more costs in car maintenance, especially when you own a luxury vehicle. Car maintenance is one of the many reason why most people would prefer to go and choose a luxury car rental company. That way, they don’t get to deal with the headache (and expenses of maintaining the car, but they get to enjoy riding their favorite luxury car model during special occasions). Convenient, right?

But for those who are willing to invest, this article is just perfect for you. I’ve compiled several useful resources that will help you decide from choosing the right (and practical car models) to car maintenance tips that will surely go a long way, especially when you are in a rather tight budget.

If you’re about to buy a new luxury car, you’d probably want to know the list of Highest Maintenance Cost Cars. This is useful so you know what you’re up to with the chosen car unit that you will be purchasing. It’s better to know ahead the maintenance costs of these cars, before you actually buy them.

Maintenance costs are sometimes ignored by consumers when selecting a new car to purchase, but they can have a significant impact on their ability to afford and properly maintain the vehicle. Routine oil changes and scheduled maintenance can add up to a large amount depending on the vehicle and on some models you can only take the car to a limited number of service locations, so it is critical that you know which cars have the highest maintenance costs. Review the list below, so if you do decide to purchase one of these cars you will be aware of the potential maintenance expenses.

On the other hand, another useful list has been given by BankRate, and this time, it enumerates 7 cheap-to-own luxury cars. Who wouldn’t be interested in buying these cars, right? Imagine, luxury and practicality all rolled in one.

Some high-end cars are easier on your wallet than others. Here’s Bankrate’s list of seven larger luxury cars that are the cheapest to own.

When considering actual ownership costs, the question is: What’s the manufacturer’s suggested retail price got to do with it? Not as much as you might think.

The consumer auto advice site has a calculator projecting the “true cost to own,” or TCO, over five years. In addition to the purchase price, it factors in costs that consumers often don’t consider, such as depreciation, loan interest, insurance premiums, fuel and maintenance costs.

Here’s a quick video that shows simple car-fixing hacks that will surely be useful when you’re dealing with whatever car type:

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