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Ideas To Make Your 2019 Summer A Blast

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Summer is that time of the year when you get to relax and spend some quality time with your friends and family. That’s why most people want to make summer their fun-filled season of the year. It’s also why it helps to start planning early. However, if you’ve read just about every article about planning for summer and you feel like you are already too late, this post was written just for you. It’s not too late to have an amazing summer holiday this year. First of all, remember that a change is as good as a rest. This also applies to the way you spend your holiday. The following post explains how you can do things a little differently this year: Staycations are OK Not everyone has the disposable funds for travel vacations. But that’s OK. Staycations can be as effective as exotic getaways if they are done right. The main mistake people make during vacations at home is that they stay in their normal routine. They cook, they clean, they watch TV. In short, they don’t “vacate” their normal lives. If you stay at home on your vacation, shake things up. Visit local tourist attractions. Eat different foods. Take day trips to neighbouring communities. Getting out of your normal routine can make a staycation feel as novel and recuperative as an excursion to a foreign land. Read more at The Conversation… You can still have an amazing summer by ensuring you do things differently. Change your routine and have a beautifully refreshing time. Wondering what you should do if you’re not going to travel out of town with your spouse and children? The following post has some ideas on what to do as a family: Ah, summer. Sunny days, grilling out, and fireflies at dusk. Longer days and summer vacations also mean more downtime, play time, and hopefully more family time! A while back we started the tradition of creating an annual summer bucket list. Even if we don’t do them all (the list is getting long), this summertime family tradition is a great way to remember what we’ve enjoyed in the past as well as think of some new fun summer ideas to try. More on what we came up with for this year in a bit… Read more at WellnessMama… What better way to enjoy your summer than choose the activities for your family together? Try it out! Remember this is often the hottest time of the year. It is important to know how to stay safe and healthy. The following post explains some of the ways to stay active during the hottest parts of the day: Be active; be cool Regular physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle in every season. The warm summer weather can make it easy to exercise outdoors and get the whole family involved. Just be sure to take some precautions so you don’t get overheated in the hot weather. Exercise in the morning or evening, when it’s… Read More »Ideas To Make Your 2019 Summer A Blast

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Why You Should Consider Chauffeured Transportation When Planning Your Trip

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Modern means of transportation, like the automobile and electric trains are some of the developments that revolutionized human civilization. There has always been a need to efficiently move from one point to the other in order to achieve certain goals. In our day, we have more options for transportation than ever before. One of the times when you may need to think of transportation and plan for it beforehand is when taking a trip, whether it’s for leisure or business. Your choice of transportation provider will determine a lot, including your ability to keep to your schedule during the trip. Today, we will consider chauffeured transportation in detail. First, what comes to mind when you think of chauffeured transportation? The following post addresses some common misconceptions: What You May Not Know About Chauffeured Transportation When it comes to luxury chauffeured transportation, stretch limousines are what typically come to mind for a lot of people. However, although these classic vehicles are utilized by many chauffeured transportation service providers, it does not define what this industry is all about. Today, the limousine serves as just one example of the many vehicles and services offered by luxury ground transportation companies all over the world. Many people only consider working with luxury transportation service providers when they need to book a limo service, without realizing that these companies actually have so much more to offer. To help provide a better understanding of what chauffeured transportation is really like now, we’ve listed a few things about this industry that you might not know about. Read more at Empire CLS… From the above, it’s clear that chauffeured transportation is not just about hiring limousine services. Although that’s how it began, it is not confined to that definition anymore. Secondly, are you still debating why you should choose chauffeured transportation when you can easily get ride-sharing services which don’t seem much different? The following post answers your concern: Feel Confident in Your Chauffeur  With ride sharing apps, there is really no formal process in place to measure the level of credibility or professionalism of your driver. Because ride sharing is all online, drivers sign up via a website and undergo no formal interviews. With a professional transportation company, drivers are personally vetted, where they are interviewed, undergo a drug screening and are trained to provide the highest level of professionalism in the industry. The level of service provided by a professional chauffeur in comparison to a ride share driver is unmatched. Ride in Comfort Ride sharing is like a game of roulette in terms of the vehicle that you will be picked up in. The driver may have had their pets riding in the back seat, they may be smokers and their kids may have made a previous mess. Read more at ODS Chauffeured Transportation… You have little control over many factors when it comes to the services offered by online ride-sharing services. If you want more control, go for a chauffeured transportation service. Third, one of… Read More »Why You Should Consider Chauffeured Transportation When Planning Your Trip

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Albemarle County’s Wine Tour Destinations

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Going on a wine tour is exciting. There’s so much you can gain from such an experience because of the nature of such a tour. Not only will a wine tour give you the opportunity to explore the sights and sounds of a particular place, but it will also allow you to learn all about the wine making process and eventually if the season allows you might even get the chance to produce your own wine. Albemarle County, located in Virginia, is a prime, globally recognized wine tour destination, as the following post from 2018 describes : Virginia’s Award-Winning Monticello Region Is Your 2018 Summer Wine Trip It’s been called the birthplace of American wine, thanks to Thomas Jefferson. Like so many distinctions in American heritage, the Monticello AVA wine region in Virginia has Jefferson’s fingerprints all over it and it’s one of this summer’s most exciting wine-tasting destinations… During his time in France from 1784 to 1789 he developed a nearly obsessive taste (one he called a “pressing need” in a letter) for European wine, which, upon his return to America, he addressed with constant shipments from the old world and later, with an attempt to grow his own European grapes on his Virginia estate, Monticello. Read more at Forbes… Clearly, there is a lot that Virginia has to offer when it comes to wine tours, wine tasting, and vineyards. Choosing the vineyards to visit can be a bit overwhelming since Virginia is home to many of them. Want some recommendations to get you started? Here you go: Jefferson Vineyards Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States made history, not just as a politician, but also as one who was passionate about good wine. This vineyard boasts of the work that he did almost 250 years ago which is now producing award-winning wines. Here’s a recent review from one of the guests: Delicious wines, Quality atmosphere. Complimentary glass with $12 tasting (8 wines). Short drive from Monticello and Michie Tavern. Friendly staff, not pretentious at all. Enjoyed by all! Review by Natalie D. at Yelp… When you visit, you’ll also get to explore other neighboring historic places such as Thomas Jefferson’s residence and the home of President James Monroe, Highland. Blenheim Vineyards This interesting wine destination is owned by Dave Mathews; yes, the front man for The Dave Mathews Band! He also established and designed it. In addition, if you have an interest in architecture in addition to wine tasting, then Blenheim Vineyards is the place to go. In fact, if you pick the right dates, you may enjoy additional events on the grounds. The following review from a guest says it all: Wine is solid as it has been on every visit I’ve made here! They were expecting the crowd that came with DMB weekend and were well prepared, did not have to wait too long for anything. Also had people directing traffic, which was nice. Enjoyed Reason beers being there as well! It’s a beautiful… Read More »Albemarle County’s Wine Tour Destinations

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Ideas For Your Trip To Albemarle County This Spring

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Whenever you are planning for a trip to a new place, it is helpful to do some research. Get to know what services are offered in your destination and find out some of the interesting places you can visit. In fact, you can still squeeze in a little fun even if you are on a business trip. Do your best to unwind, take in the sights and enjoy some fresh air before you head back home. Planning a trip to Charlottesville this spring? For starters, there are a lot of opportunities for you to make the most of it, as the following post describes: 8 Great Things to Do in Charlottesville Virginia Charlottesville Virginia is one of the most historic areas of the United States, home to three of the first five Presidents of the United States of America—Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe for those keeping score. Gorgeous rolling hills surround Charlottesville and the area is close to Shenandoah Valley, Blue Ridge Parkway, and Skyline Drive and only an hour from Richmond. Before your next trip, read these Charlottesville VA things to do articles: Read more at McCool Travel… You can choose what you want to do based on your personal tastes and preferences. However, if your budget allows, we encourage you to try out stuff you may not have attempted before. You just might discover some hidden passions you didn’t know you had. Want some friendly recommendations for places to visit in Charlottesville? Here are three amazing places you should consider visiting in Albemarle County, each unique in its own way. Carter Mountain Orchard Are you looking for the ultimate outdoor venue that will allow you to enjoy some great sights and sounds? This is it! At Carter Mountain Orchard you get to pick your own fruit and you can enjoy one of the signature events held here, such as the Thursday evening sunset series. Here’s what one visitor had to say about her visit: A great place for dates. The apples are delicious. The views are phenomenal. Going in the winter time brings hot apple cider and cuddles to a whole new level. I’ve gone and picked my pumpkins from them as well, it’s fun well organized and just a gorgeous environment overall. The staff has always been nothing but kind as well. Review from Anastasia Q. at Yelp… The orchard will be reopening on 29th March and you can also book the venue for special occasions such as weddings or private events. Albemarle Estate Are you fascinated by American wines and their history? Would you love to wake up to a view of vast breathtaking vineyards? Albemarle Estate is the place to go if you want to kick back for a weekend or even longer. My wife loved this fabulous Country Estate when I brought her here for our Anniversary last year so much, that she brought me back to celebrate my Birthday. We had a wonderful time exploring the beautiful grounds, gardens and the… Read More »Ideas For Your Trip To Albemarle County This Spring

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Group Travel – A Fun Way To Discover The World

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Do you have an undeniable love for adventure and traveling all over the world? Are you wondering how you can make the most of the opportunities you have around you? Then this post is just for you! Did you know you can enjoy a trip and not have to worry about logistics? You have the passion to discover and make memories all over the world, so why not make it even more interesting and fun? How? Group travel! Yes, group travel relieves you of the pressure of making numerous logistical decisions concerning your trip. There are so many other advantages you’ll enjoy when you opt for group travel, as described in the following post: 5 BENEFITS OF TRAVELLING IN A GROUP TOUR You don’t just want to tick a destination off of your travel bucket list – you want to do it in style. You want to truly appreciate everything that new country has to offer – from the people to the places and everything in between. Of course, organising a trip like that is going to take a lot of planning, which is why it might be in your best interest to consider a group tour. With a group tour, almost everything is taken care of for you, from accommodation to a perfectly planned itinerary. All you need to do is turn up, relax, and make new friends while your expert guide leads the way. Here are five of the benefits you’ll experience travelling in a group tour. Read more at Fine Travel… There are lots of advantages that come with group tours. You’re bound to have a memorable experience. Now, if you’re not the kind of person who loves being in a large crowd of people, you can still enjoy the benefits of group travel, but on a smaller scale. The following post explains how this can happen: The Benefits of Small Travel Groups Organized group tours are a fun and memorable way to explore new destinations. For many years, the favored way to tour Europe was either on large group tours or by travelling solo. While both options are great, there has been an increase in desire to find a tour package that’s somewhere in between; giving you the option of that community group feel, but with a more personalized experience so that you have the flexibility to do some independent exploring. That’s where small group tours come in! Read more at Albatross Tours… Thanks to today’s customized services, you can almost always get what you want just the way you want it. You just need to explore your options to find something that works for you. What if having everything planned for you is not exactly your thing? If you love the idea of group travel and adventure but would prefer to have a say about the entire thing, then the following post is for you: Did you know that many group travel professionals love it when уоu аlrеаdу have an еѕtаblіѕhеd group to travel with?… Read More »Group Travel – A Fun Way To Discover The World

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Here’s How To Transform Your Business Trip Into An Adventure

Over time, ideas like ‘Think outside the box’ or ‘Think without the box’ have become cliché. However, such principles have paved the way for great inventions that people would never have imagined just 50 years ago. The same principle should, therefore, apply for any activity you are involved in – including your mundane business trips. With just a bit of creativity, you’ll find yourself looking forward to the next business trip. This post will help you discover how. First, let’s look at a practical example of how business trips have served to transform an organization for the better. The following post explains how business trips became a catalyst for productivity in one company: How Travel Can Make You More Productive: 5 Tips From a Tech Founder For an email productivity company based in Silicon Valley, the last thing you expect is to see the team jetting off to places like Hawaii and Switzerland to increase productivity. But Boomerang is using travel to fuel creativity — and it has led to some of the company’s biggest launches. “We started traveling as a team as soon as we could afford to,” says cofounder Aye Moah, “And that was the year the company turned profitable.” Read more at Forbes… The above is certainly a great example of a new way to look at business travels. With the right ideas, this might actually work for your organization as well. Business travel for a group or an individual can yield more than you might think is possible. The following post describes how a business trip can become a multi-dimensional adventure: 12 Ways to Optimize Business Travel for Fun Business travel can feel so close and yet so far from a vacation. Often, you’re heading off to a new place, all expenses paid. You’re also there to work, not frolic, so it’s not exactly as if you have lots of free time. If you can plan your time right, though, and travel strategically, business trips can be a great way to see the world. Here are a few suggestions for ways to get more out of your work trips than just a business deal. Read more at Earnest… There are lots of ways to make your business trip a fun adventure. You just need to pay close attention to the many little decisions you make and then add a pinch of creativity. Even if you’re traveling alone and not as a group, there is a lot you can do to make your trip memorable and worth looking forward to: How to Maximize Your Solo Time on a Business Trip Business travel comes with its ups and downs. The perks like traveling to new destinations, expense accounts, earning miles and accumulating experiences are all exciting. But the downside for many travelers is the stress that comes with business travel, including that of leaving family behind and feeling lonely on the road. So how do you combat these feelings? I’ve put together nine ideas for maximizing your solo… Read More »Here’s How To Transform Your Business Trip Into An Adventure

Virginia wine tour Q&A

Wine Tour In Virginia? Your Questions Answered

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A wine tour is an amazing experience when planned and executed well. A Virginia wine tour can be especially exciting since Virginia is rich with vineyards that have drawn worldwide attention. If it is your first time to plan for a wine tour, you probably have a lot of questions. This post was written with you in mind. We hope that by the time you finish reading through it, you’ll be in a better to position to plan that great wine tour. When is the Best Time To Go On a Wine Tour? Generally speaking, the best months to visit the lush vineyards in Virginia are April through October, depending on your availability. The following post explains this in detail: April is Virginia Vineyard Month No matter where you are in Virginia, there is a breathtaking winery just a short drive away.  April is the perfect time to get out and discover why Wine Enthusiast magazine named Virginia one of the 10 Best Wine Travel Destinations in the world. The more time you take, the more you’ll discover ― every region, every vintage, every winery in Virginia is unique. The one constant is a warm welcome. Virginia wines are now recognized among the world’s best, and there are over 250 local wineries ready to show you why. Read more at Potomac Point Winery… April is just around the corner, so this would be the perfect time to start making the necessary arrangements for your first wine tour. What Should I Do (And Not Do) During a Wine Tour? As a first-timer, there are certain things you may want to be aware of so that you have a wine tour that’s memorable for all the right reasons. It helps to know the common blunders people make so you can avoid them. The following post will get you in the know: 10 Wine Tasting Tips for your Virginia Wine Tour Top ten recommendations for planning a successful Virginia Wine Tour 1. Don’t let the fancy jargon and spit bucket intimidate you when on your Virginia Wine Tour. Wine makers and for the most part anyone who works at a winery does so because they are passionate about wine. They love to talk about how wine is made, in particularly how their wine is made and the just about anything to do with the wine business. Read full post at Inn On Poplar Hill… Taking a heavy breakfast is essential before a wine tour. Although you only take in a little wine at a time, it can actually accumulate to a few glasses by the end of your tour. You do not want to become inebriated, or worse, embarrass yourself. Is There a “Correct” Way To Taste Wine? The truth is that wine tasting is an art. However, that shouldn’t make you think of it as a complicated activity. You just need the basics of how to do it, as explained in the following post: Wine Tasting Made Simple: A Traveler’s Guide to… Read More »Wine Tour In Virginia? Your Questions Answered

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3 Major Questions To Ask When Planning A Surprise Party

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Planning a surprise party for a loved one can be a lot of fun, and it’s the perfect opportunity to show someone just how much you value him or her. However, one wrong move and you’ll lose out on the surprise element of the party. And once that’s gone, the whole event may turn out to be quite awkward for everyone involved. To help you avoid such a situation, here are some helpful ideas for things to think about or avoid if you’re thinking of planning a surprise party: 1. Does your loved one like surprises? Make sure your friend is comfortable with surprise parties Most people love surprises, especially after noticing how much effort friends put into it, but some don’t like to be surprised. Some people like to be prepared or control responses in social situations. Others dislike being forgotten and don’t relish the suspense leading up to a party. It’s important to ensure your friend doesn’t fall into either of these categories. There are ways to make people happy on a special day without surprise parties. Read full post at Slice Weston… If you are unsure whether your friend or loved one likes surprises, you’d rather avoid it altogether. A surprise birthday party is a gift, but would you risk giving a loved one a gift they might hate? In addition, you don’t want to put your loved one in the spot, or cause them to feel guilty about not being happy about the surprise. It can be very embarrassing for a loved one when a look of horror is plastered on his or her face when everyone around is expecting laughter or elation. 2. Should it be a big or intimate party? Depending on your loved one’s personality, you might go for a big party with all your friends and loved ones. One the other hand, a more intimate surprise party of close friends may be a better option. Would your loved one prefer spending time interacting with each guest? Or would he or she prefer a party full of group activities that don’t necessarily need one-on-one interactions? Guests Decide on the number of guests you want to invite. When sending out party invitations for the surprise party, make sure to instruct the guests not to tell the “surprisee” and send the invitations well ahead of time. Let them know the theme of the party if you have decided on having a theme for the party. Read more at Tips 4 Living Better… From the above, it’s pretty clear that planning a surprise party requires that you be pretty close to the person you’re planning the party for so you’ll know what they’ll be up for. 3. Where will you hold the party? This is another aspect of surprise parties makes them difficult to pull off. First, planning for a surprise party at your loved one’s home is likely to make them suspicious. This is especially so if you live together, since they will likely notice… Read More »3 Major Questions To Ask When Planning A Surprise Party

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Smart Tips For Impressing New Clients In 2019

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One of the traits of a winning business person is his or her appreciation for both new and existing clients. In addition, while it is great to win new clients, it is equally important to ensure they stay long enough to turn into loyal clients. Those initial interactions are therefore critical as they give you the opportunity to create that lasting impression that will form the foundation of your relationship with your clients for the long haul. This is why it helps to go big on impressing new or prospective clients. Not to say that existing clients should be treated with less consideration. However, you are less likely to keep a client that wasn’t already impressed, to begin with. In fact, if they were not impressed, then they’re probably somebody else’s client now. First impressions often have a lot to do with appearances. As such, your business premises should essentially be at the top of your list of priorities when it comes to impressing new clients. The following post goes into more detail on this: How to Ensure Your Business Premises Impress Your B2B Clients When trying to attract more B2B clients to your business, and impress them so they continue coming back for more of your products and/or services, it’s important to consider the look of your premises. But how can you be sure that your premises are attractive and impressive? Continue reading for a few helpful tips. Make Sure Clients Have a Secure Place to Park Parking should be convenient and easy. By making sure clients have a secure place to park their cars, you can continue attracting them to your place of business. Read full post at DataCaptive… Whether it’s B2B or B2C clients, your business premises will encourage new clients to come back or discourage them. It’s important to ensure your clients don’t need to deal with unnecessary discomforts while doing business with you. That way, their decision to stay or leave would be solely based on your performance, and we know you’ve got that down. Many clients will be won over by how well they get along with you. One of the best places to make business deals, as history proves, is the golf course. Here, you get to show off your business knowledge and your social charm so your new clients have no reason not to like you. And you don’t even have to be a golf pro, as the following post highlights: The Art of Doing Business on a Golf Course: How to Impress Your Clients and Seal the Deal Many businesspeople and entrepreneurs not only play golf but also get business done on the golf course. This can give you the opportunity to meet new clients and seal some business deals in a leisurely environment while enjoying this activity. If you don’t play golf, it might be worth to take it up and head to the course occasionally, since the presented business opportunities should be incentive enough. Below are some business golf… Read More »Smart Tips For Impressing New Clients In 2019