New Interactive Mystery Dinner Theatre

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Charlottesville is known for being a relatively artsy area, with live shows of all sorts happening almost every week it seems. One thing it lacks, however, is a consistent dinner theater. But director Peter Ryan and stage manager Aaran Hayes hope to change that with their new interactive dinner theatre show, “The Club Ritz Caper”: Murder Mystery Theater Dinner Arrives in Charlottesville A 1920’s speakeasy..serves as the background for Charlottesville’s newest mystery theater show. It’s called the Club Ritz Caper. … Mystery shows involving audience participation have been around for awhile. Perhaps the best known example is the Broadway musical “The Mystery of Edwin Drood”, a revival of which was playing on Broadway just a couple years ago. Much of “Drood” revolves around audience interaction, and the audience actually votes to decide how the show should end. Peter Ryan, writer and director for “Club Ritz Caper”, is using that same idea but with a much a more intimate setting by applying it to a dinner theatre. Ryan told Cville Weekly: “’This is theater for people who get restless during normal theater,’ he said of his latest show, The Club Ritz Caper, which performs in the hotel restaurant during dinnertime. ‘It’s really 3D theater, happening all around you. Then a crime is committed and you’re asked to solve the crime, like you’re in a detective movie, and you’re the detective.’” You can read the rest of this very interesting article here. Audience members are encouraged to come in ‘20s-style attire. Make a night of it and hire a Charlottesville limo to drop you off in style. With a show like this, you can support the local arts by being a part of it yourself. What could be better? Image Credit 1 Image Credit 2

Charlottesville Dogwood Parade Today

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The 65th annual Dogwood Festival in Charlottesville kicked off on April 10th, and is still in full swing. Carnival rides at McIntire have been running since then, and will continue to run through tomorrow. Last night was the Vietnam Memorial Rededication. And today, April 26th, marks the day for the dogwood parade in downtown Charlottesville: Charlottesville Dogwood Festival heralds spring Celebrate spring in the city with the 65th annual Charlottesville Dogwood Festival. The festival began as a way to focus on Charlottesville as a hub within the community of Central Virginia… If you have plans for going out today you should be aware that a number of roads have been closed off for the parade: Dogwood Parade to Close Charlottesville Roads The Charlottesville Dogwood Parade kicks off Saturday, April 26, at 10:50 a.m. The parade starts on McIntire Road, then make its way up Market Street, around 7th Street NE and down High Street. … This also affects some of the routes for public transportation in Charlottesville, so you should expect delays: Charlottesville Dogwood Festival Parade to Disrupt CAT Service  Charlottesville, Virginia 4/23/2014: In light of the Charlottesville Dogwood Festival Parade, several Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) routes will experience delays and detours on Saturday, April 26th. The detours will last from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. … If you don’t have plans for today I highly recommend attending the parade – it’s far too beautiful out to stay indoors. You could also consider spending your evening attending the Dogwood Queen’s Ball tonight at 8:00. Take the night off and let a Charlottesville limo service take you. Arrive in style while letting someone else fret with the traffic complications. What could be better?

Solar Powered Winery

Solar power is slowly gaining popularity throughout Virginia. Despite the cost of the panels themselves, in the long run homeowners can save well over 50% on their energy bills: Solar Power Helps Homeowners Slash Energy Bills Savvy consumers are turning to solar energy to beat the escalating price of electricity. Thanks to technological advances and attractive rebates, home solar-electric systems are more popular and affordable than ever. … And it’s not just homeowners who are taking advantage of solar power. Businesses are just starting the see the benefits of going solar. Even a Virginia winery has taken the leap: Powering a western Loudoun winery with solar When Vicki Fedor and her husband Mark, owners of North Gate Vineyard in Purcellville, decided to construct the building that would become their tasting room and main center of operations they wanted it to be eco-friendly. … When you think about it, it makes sense. For a business that depends on working the land, allowing you to become completely self-supportive, is it not fitting to have to depend on no one else for your power? Maybe some of our famous Charlottesville wineries should take a leaf out of this Loudoun winery owner’s book. Even now solar power is starting to be utilized in Charlottesville: A place in the sun: Installing solar panels isn’t just a fad Mary Kelly counts on the sun to brighten her days. Not in the way you might think, though. The Charlottesville resident had solar panels installed on her Lexington Avenue home in October and now, sunny days mean she’s whittled her electric bill down to almost nothing. … Perhaps it’s time to go on a Charlottesville wine tour and spread some ideas.

It’s Cherry Blossom Week!

Looking for something to do this week? Why not hire a Charlottesville limo service for a trip up to DC to see the cherry blossoms? The National Park Service is predicting that the peak bloom will occur over April 8-12: Bloom Schedule The peak bloom date is defined as the day when 70% of the Yoshino Cherry (Prunus x yedoensis) blossoms are open. Peak bloom varies annually depending on weather conditions. … The blooms are a little late in coming this year due to a slightly harsher-than-average winter. But the trees are in good health and just about ready to blossom: Cherry blossom trees progressing, probably just over a week away from peak bloom Normally by this date, cherry blossoms would have already reached peak bloom in Washington, D.C. (the recent average is March 31).  But thanks to a harsh winter and slow spring, this year’s bloom is delayed by about 10 days. … Labeled as one of the world’s greatest attractions, these beautiful cherry trees were a gift from Japan over one hundred years ago: Don’t miss this national beauty.

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How to Hire a Wedding Limo

As wonderful as weddings are, we all know that the planning can get pretty stressful. From the dress to the cake to the favors, there’re just so many little things to think about. Fortunately, hiring a wedding limo does not have to be stressful, as long as you know what to look for. Here’re a few things to keep in mind throughout your search: 7 Tips to Hire a Perfect Wedding Limo Wedding is once in a life time occasion. It is your day and you want it to be special in every way. From the wedding dress to the wedding cake, you want everything to be just the way you want. … Of course, none of us want to get ripped off, and sometimes it can be hard to tell if a company is legit. So check the company’s credentials before you book, and maybe ask around for recommendations from friends: 10 Tips to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by Your Wedding Limo We absolutely LOVE weddings! And love for that matter. The strength of our love and the success of our marriage are in many ways also the cornerstone of our Luxury Limousine business. … What about the tip? If you’re like me, you’ll get everything planned, hop into that limo at the wedding, and then realize that you’re supposed to tip the driver, and you have no cash and no idea how much to pay him anyway. Let’s try to avoid that situation, shall we? Tipping a limo driver basically works the same as tipping a waitress: How Much to Tip a Limo Driver for a Wedding Getting married is a hectic time in your life.  With all of the numerous different tasks and details that go into planning your perfect day, one little thing it is easy to get stuck on is how much to tip a limo driver for a wedding. … Now on your wedding day you can sit back, relax, and not worry about a thing. I mean, besides getting married.

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Limo Driver Takes the Red Carpet

This year’s Oscars marked the rise of a former limo driver to red carpet stardom! Somalian-born Barkhad Abdi received an Oscar nomination for his performance of a Somalian pirate in “Captain Phillips”, opposite Tom Hanks. Abdi had no previous acting experience, and only auditioned because the film’s producers came to his area looking for Somalian actors. You can read his full story here: Barkhad Abdi: From Limo Driver to Oscar Contender When I ask Barkhad Abdi how confident he is about winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor on March 2, he laughs down the phone from his family’s home in Minneapolis. “I’m not confident at all,” the 28-year-old actor says. … In addition to his Oscar nomination, this previously unknown actor also won Best Supporting Actor at the 2014 British Academy Film Awards: Captain Phillips’ Barkhad Abdi WINS Best Supporting Actor at BAFTAs 2014! Barkhad Abdi stops to pose in the winner’s room at the 2014 British Academy Film Awards held at The Royal Opera House on Sunday (February 16)in London, England. … Fortunately, Abdi does seem to have let his overnight success go to his head too much. After an interview, ABC News reports that he is “humble”: How Fame Hasn’t Changed Humble ‘Captain Phillips’  Star Barkhad Abdi Barkhad Abdi is the epitome of an overnight success story. The “Captain Phillips” star, who was nominated for an Oscar last week, was working in his brother’s store in Minnesota this time last year. … Who knows, next time you take a ride from a Charlottesville limo service you could be in the same car with a future Hollywood star! Image Credit:

Charlottesville Winter

Three days from the official first day of spring finds us, once again, covered in a gorgeous blanket of snow. Beautiful as it is, the amount of snow we’ve received this year has definitely been causing some problems. It’s not just the commuters that are having difficulties – a salt truck ended up in a ditch yesterday: Stuck Snow-Removal Truck in Charlottesville Charlottesville Firefighters respond to a city snow-removal truck stuck in a ditch off of Cherry Avenue. … If we are to see more winters like this one, some changes will definitely be in order. Charlottesville is already looking to see what they can do to improve how they handle snow removal for next year: Charlottesville Works to Improve Snow Removal Operations After a blockbuster winter, the city of Charlottesville is looking at what it can do differently next year. City leaders are looking ahead at how to improve operations and even its sidewalk snow removal policy. … Part of the reason that so many accidents occur when it snows here is that Virginians just don’t know how to drive in the snow. We have to do it so little that the necessary actions are not habitual. This article has five important tips for safe snow driving: Five Winter Driving Tips Even in years that haven’t experienced a Polar Vortex, ten percent of U.S. vehicle crashes are due to snow, sleet, ice, and slush, according to the Department of Transportation. That’s a lot of slipping, sliding, and insurance claims that might be avoided if more drivers knew how to operate their vehicles when the weather turns. … If you’re worried about getting to work because of the weather, why not let Camryn Limo take the stress off? A trained, professional driver will pick you up and take you safely to your destination, taking all the pressure off you. What could be better?

The Wine Tasting Experience

Are you interested in going wine tasting but not sure if you’re really qualified, or would know what to do? Wine tasting is something anyone can do, but the more knowledgeable you are the more you will get out of the experience. First off, read this article on how to visit a winery: 15 Steps to a Successful Winery Visit There has never been a better time to go visit a winery near you. All over the U.S., more wineries than ever are open and eager for you to drop by. Many of them plan special events during the summer and entire regions now are heavily promoting their wine trails. … You do not have to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy wine tasting, but you should have some idea of what constitutes good and bad wines. This article explains how to know what to look for when wine tasting: How to Taste Wine So, how do you taste and evaluate a glass of wine? Follow our wine tasting tips below—but before you start, make sure you’re in the right tasting environment. … If you’re thinking of visiting multiple wineries on your trip, you might consider taking one of Camryn Limo’s Charlottesville wine tours. This allows you to be more relaxed and not worry about getting lost, and is also of course much safer than driving yourself after drinking wine. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the beautiful Virginia Wine Region.

Wine being poured in the snow

Winter Wine Tours

We’re only two weeks away from the first day of spring, and we’ve just had yet another snowstorm. With it still feeling like the dead of winter, the thought of going on a beautiful wine tour has probably not crossed any of our minds recently. But what you may not realize is that a wine tour does not have to be a seasonal event. It is certainly a more popular event in the warmer months, but there are some benefits to taking a Charlottesville wine tour in the winter. One of the main pluses is that there are significantly less crowds, allowing you to have a more intimate, personalized experience. The following article outlines the different benefits of taking a wine tour at different times of the year: Arcady Vineyard Escorted Wine Tasting Tours & Wine Country B&B Guests are always asking me when the best time to go wine tasting would be. My answer ? “It depends!”The cooler weater of Spring starts showing the grass and flowers starting to bud as well as the grape vines. It’s not hot yet so the tasting rooms are not so busy. Many wines are released at this time so there are lots to choose from for your tastings. … For me, though, the main draw to a winter wine tour is the scenery. Charlottesville wine country is beautiful to begin with, but cover it in a white fluffy coating, and it’s just stunning. Since spring is not yet on the way, why not enjoy the beautiful snow while we have it? And with a glass of wine, there’s no need to worry about the chill.