Charlottesville Ballet Performs “The Nutcracker”

This weekend, the Charlottesville Ballet is putting on their fifth annual performance of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker Suite:                                                                   Dancer Caitlin Lesson will be taking on for the sixth time her childhood dream-role, The Sugar Plum Fairy. Her childhood passion to portray the Fairy was the reason she started taking ballet, leading her to become a founding member of Charlottesville Ballet when it opened in 2007. The life of a professional ballet dancer is a difficult one, and is brutal on a dancer’s body. Charlottesville Ballet developed out of the idea of creating a dance company “that promoted the health and well-being of the dancers.” The full story is below – it’s quite an interesting one, and well worth the read: Charlottesville Ballet puts a new twist on the art of dance “When I was 3, my parents took me to see The Nutcracker, and I remember telling them, ‘I want to be the Sugar Plum Fairy,’” said Caitlin Lennon. “They were like ‘O.K., sure, we’ll sign you up for ballet classes.’ But in my mind I thought, ‘No, I’m gonna do that. I’ll take classes for a year and then I’ll be the Sugar Plum Fairy.’” … The company’s performance of the Nutcracker is a slightly shorter rendition that is meant to be ‘child-friendly.’ Additionally, they are offering a “Class with Clara” preshow, designed for children to learn some basics of ballet from a professional. And even the children do not want to be ballet dancers themselves, the class can still be beneficial.  Jane Dunlap Norris from the Daily Progress writes: “Sara Jansen Clayborne, co-director of Charlottesville Ballet … pointed out that children who don’t end up pursuing dance training after the experience can come away as better audience members. Having a little insider information about how things work can make watching performances more enjoyable.” Tickets for the show can be purchased at  Why not support the local arts this weekend while arriving in style with Camryn Limo?


Charlottesville Transportation 2014

It looks like 2014 will be a big year when it comes to transportation in Charlottesville. The city has approved for Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) to implement a number of routing system changes. The changes will begin on January 4th, and are supposed to improve the city’s public transportation. You can read more below: Charlottesville Area Transit Prepares for Route Changes Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) will host two public meetings to inform the public about its upcoming system changes.  … Charlottesville Area Transit is not the only form of transportation in Charlottesville that is planning big changes for 2014 – the Albemarle Airport is scheduled to be renovated this summer: Charlottesville Albemarle Airport terminal to be renovated next summer The Daily Progress reports that the security screening area will be reconfigured. Other changes include larger public restrooms, expanded passenger departure and seating areas and the addition of electronic gadget charging stations. … It seems that the main purpose behind these renovations is to create a better ‘first impression’ of Charlottesville. Melinda Crawford, Executive Director of Albemarle Airport, told The Daily Progress: “I firmly believe that you get one chance to make a really good first impression on individuals, and having the amenities that they need plays a really big role in making that impression.” You can read more details about the renovation in The Daily Progress’s article: Charlottesville airport plans reconfiguration, expansion of terminal A substantial renovation and expansion of the Charlottesville Albemarle Airport’s passenger terminal is slated to begin next summer. … Whether or not these scheduled route changes and airport renovations will be as successful as is hoped remains to be seen. What is not changing in the area of Charlottesville Transportation is that Camryn Limo will still be providing as reliable private and business transportation as ever. When you need transportation, call up someone you can count on. Camryn Limo will be there.

This Week in Charlottesville

Looking for something to do this week? Why not let Camryn Limo take you out to one of the local Charlottesville events? With the holiday season upon us, there’s a lot to choose from. Tonight at 8:00 the Blue Moon Diner is having a “Blues and Stuff” night, with local musicians: Blues & Stuff New vintage blues band plays a plethora of styles. Or, for a more 70’s and heavy metal style, you could catch the Corsairs at the Southern Café and Music Hall. If you yourself are musical, you might enjoy UVA’s 45th annual Messiah Sing-In on Tuesday. Whether you’re a singer or a musician, you can come join some of UVA’s choirs and sing or play one of the most famous oratorios: Messiah Sing-In The UVa McIntire Department of Music presents the annual Messiah Sing-In on Tuesday, December 10th at 8pm in Old Cabell Hall. The Sing-In is conducted by Donald Loach and benefits the University’s choral ensembles. Be there to participate in a UVa tradition that has lasted for 45 years! … If you’re looking for something non-musical, you could check out Fralin Museum of Art’s photography exhibit “Looking at the West”, focusing on contemporary landscapes. The exhibit is open through December 15th: Looking at the New West: Contemporary Landscape Photography This exhibition will feature six contemporary photographers—Robert Adams, Lois Conner, Michael Lundgren, Mike Osborne, Mark Ruwedel, and Joni Sternbach—who engage the landscape of the American West as their subject. … And finally, “The Philadelphia Story” opens at the Gibson Theater on Friday: THE PHILADELPHIA STORY Tracy Lord, a vivacious young socialite, is about to be married to high society newbie, George Kittridge. Everything is going perfectly until Tracy is simultaneously visited by both her ex-husband, Dexter Haven and the reporter sent to cover her wedding, Mike Connor. With the love quadrilateral complete, serious hijinks ensue and one question will be on everyone’s lips. Which man will she choose? Take a break from holiday stress and enjoy some local Charlottesville color.

A gloved hand opening a limo door

Women in a Man’s World?

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The majority of limousine drivers have traditionally been male. And that is still, for the most part, the stereotype today – when thinking of a limo driver most people automatically picture a man in a classy suit. I found a story that, while highly amusing, illustrates this perfectly: A Hand for the Stretch Limo Driver I spent 30 years in the limousine industry alternating between management and driving. Whichever was the lesser of the two evils: tolerating my bosses or the traffic. … But could the world of chauffeurs be missing something due to the lack of women in the industry?  The following article suggests that in some cases woman may have the personality traits to make better chauffeurs than men: Limo Driver Attitude Rules Limo driving is traditionally a man’s game. A December 2012 article by Tampa-based “Pure Limousines” noted that fewer than five percent of limo drivers in the U.S. are women. The company pointed out that this actually presents an opportunity for women with the right attitude to connect with particular clients who might prefer a female driver. … Meryl Kelso, limo driver and owner of Dash Limousine and Sedan Service in California, has proven that women can succeed in this primarily male business. You can read her story here: Woman shines in male-dominated limo business Meryl Kelso wears many hats as the owner of Dash Limousine and Sedan Service in San Mateo. Reservations, dispatch and billing. Marketing, hiring and training. Even cleaning and maintenance on her small fleet of Lincoln Town Car sedans and one Lincoln Navigator SUV. Kelso is succeeding so well in her business in part because she is doing what she loves. Her story can serve as inspiration to many – not just to women who may still feel difficulty working in certain male-dominated job situations, but to anyone who has a passion. Her story says, “Don’t give up on your dream.”

Charlottsville landscape

Holiday Winery Events

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With Thanksgiving just a few days away, the rush of the holiday season is about to begin. The month leading up to Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. However, it’s easy to get so swept away with preparations and such that we forget to take a little time to ourselves. Have you thought about taking a day to enjoy the beautiful landscape and some of the other beauties of Charlottesville? The area is simply overflowing with stunning wineries – why not take a simple wine tour, or even enjoy some of these wineries’ upcoming events? It seems like nearly every winery in the area is celebrating the holidays in some way. I found a few of the events that looked the most intriguing, and listed them below. First off, Trump Winery is offering carriage rides! Vineyard Wonderland: Carriage Rides at Trump Winery Celebrate the holiday season at Trump Winery! Our picturesque 1,300 acres will be on display for our 1st annual Vineyard Wonderland: Carriage Rides at Trump Winery. A horse-drawn carriage will take you on a scenic journey through our expansive vineyard, making stops for scenic photo opportunities. … How splendid would it be to ride through Charlottesville’s gorgeous landscape in an open, horse-drawn carriage?  Definitely a relaxing way to escape from the holiday bustle for a few hours. This also is a good family-friendly activity that I’m sure the kids would LOVE. Or, if you’re looking for something that’s more public, you could always try Prince Michel Winery’s holiday open house: Holiday Open House Imagine all your holiday shopping finished, all your packages mailed, and all your holiday decorating dilemmas solved.   We can take you from stressed out to chilled out at the Prince Michel Holiday Open House. … If you’ve never been to a winery before, this could be a lovely to be introduced. Another option, particularly if you’re looking for somewhere to take that special someone, would be Keswick Vineyards’ Annual Winemaker’s Dinner. Annual Winemaker’s Dinner Join Owners Al and Cindy Schornberg and Winemaker Stephen Barnard for an unforgettable evening of exquisite wine, delicious food and delightful company on Saturday, December 14th from 7pm – 10pm. … If, however, none of these options appeal to you, perhaps you’d like something a little more lively. You might consider my personal favorite upcoming event – Veritas Winery’s New Year’s Eve masquerade. The Masked Ball Celebrate in style! Join us for wine and hors d’oeuvers followed by a five-course winemaker’s dinner at 8 p.m. in Saddleback Hall. There will be dancing until midnight, when the masks come off and the champagne flows! Breakfast follows at 12:30 a.m. … That’s right folks – formal attire, dancing, and masks. If you’ve ever wished that you lived in an Austin novel, this is the place for you. These options are only the ones that I found the most interesting – if they are not what you’d like, here is a listing of dozens of local wineries. Visit their sites for yourself… Read More »Holiday Winery Events

Bride and groom getting into their limo

Wedding Limos

Are you considering hiring a limousine for your wedding day? Due to the cost, limos are often one of the first things to cut when the wedding budget is slim. But if you find the right company it’s a lot easier than you might think to get affordable service. The following article presents some good points for why you might want that wedding limo, such as privacy, space, and worry-free travel: 7 Reasons Why You Should Hire Limousine For Your Wedding Just imagine that ‘wow’ moment when people see you arrive in the wedding limo. It is your wedding! Don’t just travel in any car – travel in a stylish limo. It will raise the bar of your wedding by adding that style and glamour quotient… Another aspect to consider is the photography possibilities a wedding limo creates. A professional photographer will use the limousine for artsy, creative, fun, and beautiful shots, making your wedding day that much more memorable. Check out this video to see what some of these shots could look like, as well as to get an idea of how you might you look in a limo:   At this point, you are probably wondering what you need to know about actually hiring the limo. Most people don’t hire a limo for a special occasion more than once or twice in their lives, so the odds of this being your first time are pretty high. How early should I contact the company? What kind of information will they need? Can I pick the specific car I’d like? If these are the kinds of questions running through your head, I suggest you read further: 7 Tips For Hiring a Wedding Limo Like most little girls you probably read the story of Cinderella.  Think of everything she had to overcome.  Stepsisters and a step mother who didn’t like her.  Scrubbing floors… We all know that Cinderella made a grand entrance into the ball.  She also arrived in style .  You see Cinderella had  her own horse and carriage… Hiring a limo for your wedding really does not have to be too difficult or expensive – particularly when working with a quality company like Camryn Limo.  So why wait? See what kind of wedding limo services they have to offer today, and ease the stress of wedding planning.

Wine glass of hard cider with apples

Charlottesville Cider

I’ve never been much of an alcohol drinker. Maybe I’m weird, but I’ve always disliked the taste. However, I recently discovered that the one alcoholic beverage I enjoy sipping is hard cider. Thus, I was intrigued when I discovered that November 15th-24th is Cider Week Virginia. So, what exactly is hard cider, and why are we celebrating it for a week? Apparently, hard cider is actually a somewhat historical drink in America. A recent article from the Nelson County website explains: “Cider is fermented apple juice just as wine is fermented grape juice. The best cider, just like the best wine, is carefully crafted from fruit chosen for cider making. In colonial America, fermented cider was the drink of choice. Thomas Jefferson’s champagne-like cider, made with Hewe’s Crabapples, was his “table drink”. Throughout the 19th century, growing apples and crafting cider from cider apples was an integral part of every community.” I had no idea that hard cider was a staple of colonial America. I knew that Virginia is kind of overflowing (pardon the pun) with wineries, but apparently a lot of cideries are opening up as well. The following short article gives you a little more information on Cider Week, as well as a listing of Virginia’s current cideries: Virginia Toast the Apple for Hard Cider Week ‘Tis the season to be jolly and… celebrate the coming of Virginia Cider Week, Nov. 15-24. (Wait, what did you think we were going to say?) Hard cider fever is spreading (the tangy drink brings in more than $50 million in sales nationally), becoming a potential adult beverage kingpin. While Virginia’s home to a seemingly never-ending list of wineries, cideries are opening their doors as well… But it’s not just cideries that are offering special events for Cider Week – the majority of Charlottesville wineries are getting involved as well. What better week to take advantage of Camryn Limo’s fabulous wine tours and explore Virginia’s beautiful countryside?  Whether it’s checking out Wine Warehouse’s Apple a Day Cider Tasting or Albemarle Ciderworks’ Home Cidermaking Workshop, there will surely be something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go find some nice cider to sip.

Logo for the game 'Roundabout'

Limos and Video Games?

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I want you to do something for me. Think of the word limousine, and then make a list of the first few words that pop into your head in relation to that word. Do it right now, before you read further. Yesterday, if someone had asked me to do a word association with the word limousine, my list would probably have been about the same as yours – prom, wedding, fancy, chauffeur, expensive, and luxury were some of the ones that I came up with. I can pretty much guarantee that video games did not make an appearance on your list, nor would it have on mine yesterday. But that was before I saw this trailer:   Hold the phone. They’re actually making a video game about a limousine? And not just any limousine – a SPINNING limousine. At first glance, this looks to be pretty terrible idea. But if you dig a little deeper and consider the games that influenced it development, it actually looks like it could be pretty fun. If you at least skim this article you should have a better idea of what I mean: Roundabout: Teasdale on spinning limos and why the ’70s were best 6 days ago … Dan Teasdale made Destroy All Humans!, Rock Band and The Gunstringer; if that weren’t reason enough to pay attention to his new game, the … According to the above article, and from just looking at the preview, it looks like the game is very similar to the old Sega game Crazy Taxi.   Even if you never play video games it’s quite possible that you’ve still at least heard of this one. It’s the kind of game that’s pretty easy to pick up, and almost anyone can enjoy. The basic premise of the game is that you, the taxi driver, must get your clients to their destinations as quickly as possible, in the least conventional manner. Basically, you earn points by wildly crashing through anything in your way and performing crazy stunts in order to get to your destination as quickly as you can. Hence, the rather self-explanatory name, Crazy Taxi. Having played it a few times, I can say from experience that, as weird as it sounds, it’s actually ridiculously fun. Just don’t let your mom see you playing it if you’re taking driver’s ed. From the snippets of gameplay in the preview, it looks like Roundabout is of a similar vein – perform ridiculous stunts in a spinning limousine while transporting clients. Despite how weird it sounds, I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt – if Crazy Taxi was that fun, maybe a game about a limo is too. And don’t worry, you can still hire an ACTUAL limo driver when you need one – Camryn Limo’s drivers are not trained by playing Crazy Taxi.

Corporate Transportation vs. In-House Chauffeurs

You can only make a first impression once, which is why it is important to make the most of your first opportunity to interact with a VIP client or potential business partner. Sending one of your employees to pick up an important client at the airport may not always be the best approach, especially if you don’t have company vehicles you are proud of. In fact, for most companies, having a fleet of nice vehicles available around the clock may not be the best use of limited resources. Convenience Corporate limo transportation is the best alternative when you need access to a clean vehicle that looks professional and is driven by a chauffeur. All you have to do is pick up the phone and provide details of who is being picked up and where. When you make that call to Camryn Limo, you can also be sure that the proper vehicle will be chosen, and you get to choose between our executive sedans and limousines. A stunning car in great condition arrives to pick up your visitor – the first impression is taken care of. Productivity Another advantage of going with corporate transportation as opposed to sending one of your employees is that you would not be losing out on productivity. A lot of man hours may be lost when employees have to play chauffeur, which may cause them to fall behind schedule in their duties, possibly interfering with deadlines. You might even end up paying the employee more, including overtime. Luckily, this can all be avoided by simply allowing your employees to do the jobs you hired them to do, and leaving the chauffeur work to actual chauffeurs. Safety issues It’s also worth noting that not all your employees may be adequately insured. In case of an accident along the way, you may end up being held liable as this may be considered an on-the-job accident. You might end up paying a considerable amount of money as opposed to simply hiring an affordable professional business transportation service. Call Camryn Limo for all your corporate transportation needs, including business travel and airport transportation. With executive sedans that can be used as offices or lounges, we’ll help you make a lasting first impression.