Interesting Facts You May Not Know About These Three Car Safety Features

Interesting Facts You May Not Know About These Three Car Safety Features

The motor vehicle is an amazing innovation, and it’s difficult to imagine how life would be without the conveniences that cars offer. However, the convenience they offer in speedy transportation comes with certain risks that must be addressed. That’s why cars today have a number of safety features that make it safe to get in your car and drive out of your driveway.

One safety feature that may not strike a lot of car owners as providing safety is the windshield. In addition to offering visibility, it plays a very crucial role in your safety. What are those little dots on your windshield, and why are they important? The following post explains this:

Here’s why the edges of your windshield are covered in tiny black dots

Have you ever noticed that dot matrix pattern at the top of some windshields? Most people assume it’s just a way to help shade the driver from the sun, but the little black dots actually do so much more. There’s a black band of ceramic paint called a “frit” along the edge of a windshield that helps sealant adhesive stick to the glass. Not only does it keep the elements out, it actually helps the windshield stay in place. When the glass is heated and bent in an industrial oven, the frit heats up and expands. This creates an optical distortion in the glass, aka “lensing,” and the black dots help spread the sharp thermal gradient between optical glass and frit to minimize and mask the distortion. Read more at Alt_Driver…

You probably never thought about the effect of heat on your windshield. Now you know - those little dots do more for you than you’d guess.

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A more obvious car safety feature is children’s car seats. Unfortunately, many people don’t fully benefit from the safety they offer simply because they don’t know how to use them properly. Here is what the experts have to say about this:

Of course, most parents know that car seat safety isn’t something to take lightly. But let’s be real; the laundry list of rules surrounding how to properly install and use car seats can feel kind of overwhelming and even confusing at times. And it doesn’t help that we often get conflicting information from friends, family, the Internet, and even the car seat manufacturers themselves.

But at least one expert is here to set the record straight about how to properly install a car seat, and how to tell if yours meets the standards. Read more at Babble…

Knowledge is power and in this case, it can actually save a life. You simply need to avail yourself to learn what you need to know.

Finally, airbags have come a long way since they were developed. Have you ever wondered how they work? The following post explains it quite well:


Bang! We think of explosions as terrible, dangerous things—but that's not always the case. Every day, explosions are helping to save people's lives. If you're unlucky enough to be involved in a car accident, a carefully controlled explosion will (hopefully) fire an airbag out from the dashboard, cushioning the impact and helping to reduce the damage to your body. Airbags are very simple but also amazingly clever, because they have to open up at over 300 km/h (200mph)—faster than a car can crash! Let's take a closer look at how they work. Read more at Explain That Stuff…

These are just three features. Considering the many more car safety features available today, it’s clear we have a lot to thank their innovators for.

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