Displeasure Over Upcoming CAT Changes

Bus Interior

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article that mentioned the upcoming changes to the Charlottesville Area Transit bus routes. In that article I mentioned that the city was holding a meeting to give residents information on what the new routes would look like. Unfortunately for CAT, that meeting has led to a lot of displeasure from its riders, as many people are losing bus stops near them and will have to take less direct routes to their locations. NBC News reports:

Charlottesville Area Transit Faces Criticism Over New Routes

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va (WVIR) – Charlottesville Area Transit is facing criticism from some riders over new bus routes that begin in less than a week. …

Many CAT riders are unwilling to accept these changes quietly. A public meeting is being planned, giving riders a chance to express their concerns about the new routes, which are scheduled to go into effect this Saturday. Riders are hoping that the city council will take their concerns into account and respond with some changes:

CATCAT Bus Riders Plan Meeting to Discuss Concerns

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va (WVIR) – Charlottesville Area Transit riders are planning a meeting for Monday to air their concerns about new bus routes that go into effect January 4. They’re hoping the city responds with changes. …


Perhaps as a response to the negative reports being received, CAT Manager John Jones just posted an article on the company’s website. His positive, upbeat language seems like an obvious attempt to bolster enthusiasm for the project:

“CAT is excited and eager to transition into the actual operation of new route service. However, the work won’t stop there. On January 3rd, the old CAT system that all of you have known for the last few years ends and, the next day, a new era of public transportation begins in the City of Charlottesville.”

Jones, however, admits that the changes about which he is so enthused may still be a bit of a work-in-progress:

“While I believe that the new service will prove to be very popular among the majority of CAT’s users, it will take some time to perfect it.”

He also makes an obvious plea for continued support by asking for riders’ “patience” multiple times,  as well as making it clear that their concerns will be taken into consideration:

“Undoubtedly, we will experience a very steep learning curve as our personnel and our riders begin to adapt to the new route structure. Our plan is to gather feedback from passengers and Bus Operators that will help us refine and improve services continuously from this point forward.”

You can read the full, rather tactful article here . Whatever the outcome of this situation, this may be the time to seek alternative transportation methods. Camryn Limo has been and continues to be one of the most reliable sources of transportation in Charlottesville. Perhaps it’s time to check it out.