3 Major Questions To Ask When Planning A Surprise Party

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Planning a surprise party for a loved one can be a lot of fun, and it’s the perfect opportunity to show someone just how much you value him or her. However, one wrong move and you’ll lose out on the surprise element of the party. And once that’s gone, the whole event may turn out to be quite awkward for everyone involved.

To help you avoid such a situation, here are some helpful ideas for things to think about or avoid if you’re thinking of planning a surprise party:

1. Does your loved one like surprises?

Make sure your friend is comfortable with surprise parties

Most people love surprises, especially after noticing how much effort friends put into it, but some don’t like to be surprised. Some people like to be prepared or control responses in social situations. Others dislike being forgotten and don’t relish the suspense leading up to a party. It’s important to ensure your friend doesn’t fall into either of these categories. There are ways to make people happy on a special day without surprise parties. Read full post at Slice Weston…

If you are unsure whether your friend or loved one likes surprises, you’d rather avoid it altogether. A surprise birthday party is a gift, but would you risk giving a loved one a gift they might hate?

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In addition, you don’t want to put your loved one in the spot, or cause them to feel guilty about not being happy about the surprise. It can be very embarrassing for a loved one when a look of horror is plastered on his or her face when everyone around is expecting laughter or elation.

2. Should it be a big or intimate party?

Depending on your loved one’s personality, you might go for a big party with all your friends and loved ones. One the other hand, a more intimate surprise party of close friends may be a better option.

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Would your loved one prefer spending time interacting with each guest? Or would he or she prefer a party full of group activities that don’t necessarily need one-on-one interactions?


Decide on the number of guests you want to invite.

When sending out party invitations for the surprise party, make sure to instruct the guests not to tell the “surprisee” and send the invitations well ahead of time.

Let them know the theme of the party if you have decided on having a theme for the party. Read more at Tips 4 Living Better…

From the above, it’s pretty clear that planning a surprise party requires that you be pretty close to the person you’re planning the party for so you’ll know what they’ll be up for.

3. Where will you hold the party?

This is another aspect of surprise parties makes them difficult to pull off. First, planning for a surprise party at your loved one’s home is likely to make them suspicious. This is especially so if you live together, since they will likely notice your change in behavior while you sneak around. A venue away from home is often much easier to pull off.

Finally, a great party is one that will have your guests happy that they didn’t miss it. The following tips discuss nine essential elements of a great party, and though it doesn’t focus on surprise parties, these are elements that apply for any party:

Since then, I haven’t been able to stop wondering: What makes a party great? I’ve narrowed it down to nine essential elements. Without these things, a party can be good, but it won’t have your guests waking up the next day thinking, That party was unbelievable! To ensure your guests can’t stop talking about your sensational event even weeks after the last bottle of bubbly was popped, these are the nine crucial components of how to throw a party. Read full post at My Domaine…

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