Common Wedding Mistakes Every Bride Should Know And Avoid

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common wedding mistakes

Weddings are meant to be special, which is why you’re probably ready to put a lot of effort into making yours a success. You are understandably paying a lot of attention to what you should do so your big day is amazing. However, considering just how many details go into weddings, it may be just as important to also consider what you shouldn’t do.

In other words, it’s advisable to pay attention to those things that often go wrong during weddings, and try your best to avoid them. After all, no girl wants her wedding to turn into a spectacle for social media. As such, this post will explore some of the most common wedding mistakes you might easily overlook as you plan for your big day:

Revealed: 15 biggest mistakes couples make when planning a wedding

It’s easy to trip-up in your wedding planning. Before you go splashing that cash take a look at what the team at Irish Brides Magazine have found to be the most common mistakes couples make before walking down the aisle.

  1. Splurging on favours

Favours look smart, seem thoughtful and can be a nice way to tie together a theme or colour scheme, but they can be expensive! Read full post at The Vow…

Some of these common mistakes are the direct result of going overboard because you want your wedding to be unique. Remember that the big day is about you, not what everyone else thinks. Just focus on making the day memorable for the two of you.

common wedding mistakes

Social media is another reason why brides and grooms are tripping. With social media forming a huge part of our shared existence today, what bride doesn’t want her wedding to be trendy? However, being trendy doesn’t really work if you’re trying too hard, or worse, if you choose outdated stuff that you mistakenly assume to still be in style. The following post highlights some of these:

Here, seven top wedding planners, including Mindy Weiss and Bronson van Wyck, sound off on the wedding trend mistakes that they think people should avoid in 2018. After all, in an Instagram- and Pinterest-dominated world, it’s easy to get swept up in a trend of the moment without even realizing it. So if you want your wedding photos to stand the test of time, rather than making you (and others) ultimately cringe, think twice when it comes to naked cakes, rose gold, and much, much, more. Read full post at Vogue…

Considering how short-lived trends can be today, here’s a policy to consider: If in doubt, don’t.  You would rather go with something that’s timeless and tasteful than something you won’t like just three years down the line.

common wedding mistakes

Wedding fails don’t just occur because of poor planning. Sometimes it’s simply because a lot of people are involved. And your guests probably form the largest share of these people. As the following post highlights, you may not be able to completely control how your guests behave. Even so, there are subtle ways to get them to cooperate so they don’t unwittingly ruin those special moments:

How to Host a Phone-Free Wedding

Sure, everyone wants to take pictures and video to remember and commemorate your wedding. But some of us would prefer if everyone just set the phones down during the ceremony. You’ll want to decide how strict to be on this, or if you just want to gently remind guests that you’d rather they leave their phones in their pockets. Here are some tips to help guide you in hosting a phone-free wedding tactfully, so that you don’t step on anyone’s toes. Read full post at Wedding Bee…

Yes, it’s your big day. And yes, you need to be tactful with your guests when it comes to pet peeves. Just like visitors you invite to your home, your wedding guests expect a certain level of hospitability on your part.

Wedding transportation is one major aspect of your big day you want to get right as it will affect everyone involved. That’s why you need to choose a reputable transport provider that offers first-rate services you can always count on.

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common wedding mistakes

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