Do I Really Need A Wedding Planner For My Low-Budget Wedding?

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low-budget wedding planner

One of the questions most engaged couples ask themselves, especially when they’re on a tight budget, is whether they should hire a wedding planner or plan the wedding themselves to cut costs. This is most certainly a reasonable question. Besides, you will not be the first couple to have successfully planned their own wedding.

However, there are two major reasons why a wedding planner would be a good decision even when you feel that the DIY wedding planning route is your best option. In fact, as you’ll discover, the right wedding planner may just be the missing link to ensure your low-budget wedding is a success.  Here’s why you should hire a wedding planner especially for a wedding on a tight budget:

1. They’ll offer all the advice you need to cut costs

Professional wedding planners’ lives and careers depend on their ability to pull off successful weddings. As such, you can be sure that they’ve been building on each and every experience to improve what they bring to the table. That means he or she will also have some great and helpful tips and tricks for cutting your wedding costs without compromising on quality.

low-budget wedding planner

While you may be committed to doing your homework to perfection, you won’t have the experiential advantage of a wedding planner. Here’s what one bride had to say about her experience working with a great wedding planner:

We had found everything but couldn’t seem to make everything come all together. We had tossed a bunch of money away attempting to be budget friendly and had also skipped out on a coordinator. HUGE mistake. We were at a stalemate. We reached out to Alicia…

My only regret was not hiring her sooner. Being a budget/diy bride, I felt that I could plan and do everything myself and should cut the cost of a coordinator. As a coordinator, Alicia advised me on where to compromise. She even had the knowledge of how to make a few things to help cut cost. I am sure the money I saved by listening and doing almost paid for my planner. Do not ruin your planning experience by taking too much into your own hands. Read full review from April Viers on Wedding Wire…

With all the knowledge that a wedding planner has, you’ll no doubt be able to do all the right things to help you stay within your budget. Like April discovered, her wedding planner offered such great advice for cutting the couple’s wedding costs that they ended up saving enough to almost cover her fee. They would probably have saved much more had they hired her earlier and avoided the uninformed and unnecessary costs they incurred.

2. They know all the right people (that you can afford)

You may find that the time it would take you to educate yourself on wedding planning would be much better spent getting the extra money needed to hire a day-of coordinator who has all the resources needed to make your wedding a success. One of the greatest resources that wedding planners offer is their network of vendors and service providers.

low-budget wedding planner

You’ll also get to save a lot of time. How so? Putting together a fabulous wedding doesn’t need to take forever when you know all the right people to call. In addition, a wedding planner will know how much these people cost, so you won’t have any problem getting great vendors that you can afford.

Hire a Pro on a Limited Basis

You may find that the investment pays for itself. “The money and time a planner can save is valuable,” says wedding planner Lisa Milko, of Event Perfect in Atlanta. “I can negotiate discounts a couple cannot and make recommendations on DIY and budget-saving places that many people would not consider, or be able to do without a little direction.” To save money, you could recruit a planner only at the beginning to help choose vendors or hire a coordinator for the day of the wedding. Read full post at DIY Network…

These are probably the two biggest reasons why you should hire a wedding planner. Need more reasons to hire a wedding planner? Here they are:

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Think of your wedding as your own personal Super Bowl. It’s the biggest, most important game of the year, and celebration of your life. Your friends and family are in the audience cheering you on, swap the football jerseys for bridal gowns and tuxedos, and replace the football with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

But how can you win the game without a Coach? Every great team needs a Coach, and every great wedding needs a wedding planner. Here are ten reasons why you need to hire a wedding planner. Read full post at Southern Bride and Groom…

low-budget wedding planner

Planning a wedding on a tight budget can turn any dreamy bride into a stressed out mess! One benefit of working with a competent wedding planner is that he or she will have all the skills and resources needed to juggle everything with poise. That way, you get to enjoy your wedding, as well as the entire planning process.

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low-budget wedding planner

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