Here’s How To Ensure Your Christmas Holiday Is Relaxed

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christmas holiday

The Christmas holiday should be an enjoyable time to celebrate with family and friends, and have lots of fun and food too! It should be as magical as possible. However, for some people, especially parents, it ends up being a stressful time. For instance, Christmas gives people the opportunity to reconnect, and that could mean having many surprise visits to your home. So how do you ensure you have everything in check?

The first thing you can do is start to prepare as early as now. Before the activities hit an all time high, why not sit down and plan ahead? The following post offers advice on this:

So why begin Christmas organizing early–and without the benefit of holiday sentiment? Here are six reasons why starting now makes sense–and will help you have more holiday joy, less holiday stress come December:

Keep Control of Holiday Decision-Making

Yes, the holiday spirit can be magical–and can lead to magical thinking. Those who wait until the spirit moves them to plan their holiday season often find their decisions swept away by the Christmas tide, not made by their conscious choice.

Whether they over-spend, over-schedule or over-indulge, they’re dancing to the season’s tune, not in charge of their own celebration. Result: debt, stress and holiday chaos. Read more at Organized Home…

The “holiday cheer” is a good thing if it makes you cheerful, but it can also derail you if you don’t have a plan to direct you. Planning early will keep you safe.

christmas holiday

A good plan should take into account literally everything that you are likely to do during the Christmas holiday. The following post gives you a head start on your planning:

Plan a Stress-Free Christmas Holiday

Every year I envision lots of time in between Halloween & Christmas and every year without fail I find myself without ‘enough’ time. It’s not like I lose days each year, but Halloween SEEMS so far away from Christmas. Until it’s not.

This year I’m a lot more intentional about how I’m preparing and managing my time through the holidays. It’s a good thing because we decided to host Christmas this year for friends and family. Ahhhh!

Here’s what I’m committing to this year to hopefully make the holidays stress-free:

  1. Make a list … and check it twice

For both you and Santa. I keep 3 different Christmas lists with me each year. Read more at The Crazy Organized Blog…

A detailed plan will definitely be beneficial, both for you and your family. You can include them in the planning so that there is consensus and everyone knows what to expect – except, of course, if you are planning a surprise.

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If your family enjoys travelling and adventure, why not plan a Christmas road trip? The following post explains how you can do this:

12 Essential tips to properly prepare for your Christmas road trip

Ahhhh yes, the good old road trip. There’s nothing quite like the buzz of loading into the car, putting on some great music and just driving. While the initial joy does tend to wear off a little after enough time in a confined space together (fight! fight! fight!) when you look back on them, road trip memories are always some of the best. Matt and I take a road trip at the end of every year, driving 6 hours north of Brisbane to our favourite beach spot. If like us, you’re preparing for a roadie this festive season, you need to make sure you properly prepare, for the sake of your mental and physical safety. So, here are my tips on how to properly prepare for a Christmas road trip. Read more at Little Grey Box…

One of the things you’ll need to decide on when planning for the Christmas holiday is transportation. If you’re planning a road trip, a local tour, or need to make arrangements for your visitors, consider booking a limousine, van or coach for greater convenience for everyone.

If you are in Charlottesville VA and are looking for excellent transportation services for the Christmas season, Camryn Limousine is the company to work with. Our National Operator of the Year Award of 2016 is proof that we are simply the best.

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In addition to chauffeured sedans, we have 18 and 28- passenger buses as well as Vanterras that are sure to give you the comfort and luxury you need on your Christmas road trip. You can also book a limousine if you’re planning for a Christmas lights tour with your partner, immediate family or few friends. Call us on (434) 990-9070 to make your reservations.