Your Wedding Transportation Could Make Or Break Your Big Day

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wedding transportation

For most people, the idea of a wedding day is accompanied by strong sentiments – especially for ladies. The fact that it is considered a once-in-a-lifetime event increases the desire to make it as picture-perfect as possible. This calls for a heightened level of attention to detail. Planning your wedding can be both thrilling and stressful at the same time, whether you’re a perfectionist or not.

One of the details you need to be especially keen about is your wedding transportation plans. They not only affect the program of the day, but your choice of cars could enhance the day’s ambiance and the quality of photographs you’ll keep for the rest of your life. But before we go too far, here are some factors you should take care of as early as possible:

8 Things to Consider When Planning Your Big Day Transportation

When planning your big day details, don’t forget to consider how you and your partner, your wedding party and guests will travel to various destinations throughout the wedding day and night. Whether you’re providing wedding day transportation for everyone or just your close crew, you’ll want to prepare for anything and everything. We chatted with Harald Kruse, the CEO of Buster, to get his tips on eight things you should consider when planning your wedding day transportation.

Who do you need to provide transportation for? Before booking anything, consider who you’ll need to transport. Do you want to provide a ride for all guests or just a few? Read more at Loverly…

Getting all the details of exactly how much transportation will be needed will give you a clear picture of what you have to work with. That way, you can always factor in the unexpected.

Wedding transportation is not all about logistics – it’s also about style and memorable pictures. The following post describes how your choice of cars affects those unforgettable wedding photos:

Here are five ways to incorporate a stylish and fun vintage wedding transportation option into your big event.

  1. The Honeymoon Departure: One of the best photo opportunities at a wedding is that great image of the bride and groom leaving the party to embark on their wonderful life adventure.  That picture will be prominent in the album and displayed forever. It’s a simple shot; just two joyful people and a car. The faces are predetermined, but which car represents the start of your journey is entirely up to you.  Read more at Drive Vinty…

Regardless of the theme you choose, you really can’t go wrong with luxury cars. Besides, if there’s a time to go all out on luxury, it has to be your wedding.

wedding transportation

It’s important to appreciate the special portions of the day when the ride you have will play a significant role in adding flavor to the day. The following post highlights them, giving suggestions of what car to use:


If you are looking for a luxury wedding then a limo is your top option. A classy tux, wedding dress, and a limo make for a picture perfect wedding day. A limo can be a great way to find an added privacy on your wedding day with a fully equipped bar, you will be able to kick back and relax while taking some stress off. Read more at Book Of Weddings…

How you arrive at the wedding venue and leave the reception are two major highlights of your big day. A limousine ride on your wedding day may very well be the icing on the cake, so you need to get the best limousine service for your special day.

If your upcoming wedding will be in in Charlottesville or Central Virginia and you need a limousine or two for the bride and groom, or additional transport for your guests, here’s some good news – you can get all that under one roof!

wedding transportation

At Camryn Limousine, we have amazing luxury cars that you can choose, including Chrysler limousines, executive sedans and even limousine buses. We have mini-coaches that can accommodate up to 28 passengers; luxurious limousine vans for up to 18 passengers, and can also provide full size coaches for up to 50 passengers. These are perfect for both small and large groups.

Additionally, our commitment to excellence earned us the National Operator of the Year Award, meaning that you will get the best services on your special day. Call us today on (434) 990-9070 or check out our wedding services on our website. We look forward to making your day extra special!