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May: A Dangerous Time for Driving?

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It’s a dangerous month to be out on the roads. According to, more fatal traffic accidents occur in May than in any other month: “According to the DMV Virginia Traffic Crash Facts report, May of 2012 proved to be the deadliest month for Virginia’s highways with 74 fatal traffic crashes claiming 79 lives. The month also led the year having with the most traffic crashes resulting in injuries – 4,080. In 2011, it was the second deadliest month of the year with 66 fatal traffic crashes claiming 74 lives.” Virginia police, however, are taking steps to combat this. They will be on the prowl looking for any violators over the next few weeks, hoping that this will keep people from being a danger to themselves and others. The program is called Drive to Save Lives: Virginia kicks off Drive to Save Lives Governor Terry McAuliffe today joined more than 100 state and local law enforcement, and traffic-safety advocates at the State Capitol to officially kick off the Memorial Day and summer traffic and tourism season. … Some are referring to this as the “Drive to Make Money” campaign. There’s a good argument for that, seeing as the more tickets the police give out the more money they can make. However, they will undoubtedly catch people who would be a danger to others. And just the knowledge that the police are out in force is enough to make most of us strictly follow all traffic laws. Nevertheless, this might be a good month to find other ways of getting places. Using a good limo service in Charlottesville, for instance, allows you to be driven by a trained professional who drives cars for a living. Plus, if you know you like to speed, this will ensure that you won’t get a ticket. Sounds like a good option to me! Image Credit 1 Image Credit 2