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Booking Your Executive Transportation Couldn’t Be Easier

You can book executive transportation for one-way, round-trip or multi-location stops. When you are ready to schedule your ride with Camryn Limousine, just click ‘BOOK NOW’ on any page of our website or call us at (434) 990-9070! Schedule your ride today and arrive in style and comfort!

Take Your Trip To The Next Level With Camryn Limousine

Camryn Limousine stands apart from the crowd, offering competitive rates and a diverse fleet of luxury vehicles that will make your special event one to remember. We have been proudly serving Central Virginia since 2005 and today we are proud to be a Global transportation resource for you, your family, your friends and your business partners. Take your wedding, wine tour, vacation or night out to the next level when you call Camryn Limousine at (434) 990-9070!

Elevate Your Vacation At Kingsmill Resort

Summer vacation at the Four Diamond Award-winning Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Virginia is perfect for families looking for a great time! Kingsmill is like another world nestled in Williamsburg, filled with a range of activities that will keep you and your family having a blast! This includes the stunning James River and two championship golf courses. Check out their #SummerVaycay Package where you can take a break and enjoy three days of comfortable accommodations, tickets to both Busch Gardens and Water Country USA, as well as discounted play on their famed Plantation Course and more! Start and conclude your Kingsmill vacation with a luxurious limo ride with Camryn Limo, an award-winning transportation company. You’ll be happy you did. Call us at (434) 990-9070 or visit our website for bookings.

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How To Take Proper Care Of Your Car This Summer

As temperatures soar higher this month, it is advisable to ensure that your loved ones and your property are safe from the damage that can be caused by the sun’s heat. The rays of the sun can be quite merciless during this season, and you need to be careful not to let your car bear the brunt of the heat. This post will help you keep your car in good condition during this and every other summer. There are several ways you can help keep your car in great working condition during the hot season. The following post goes into these details: 10 Summer Car Care Tips You Need in 2018 Summer offers the best time of the year to visit friends and enjoy long road trips. Smart drivers know how to keep the good times going on the road by adhering to the 10 Summer Car Care Tips you’re about to read. Proper preparation prevents avoidable breakdowns on the road. Ensure that your engine has good coolant Sometimes it gets so hot in the summer that public health officials warn people about heat strokes. This extreme heat also affects your engine performance due to overheating. Moving engine parts are likely to break easily because overheating makes steel malleable. Read more at Complete Auto Loans… Your car’s systems need to be checked thoroughly to eliminate any cause for worry. You’d rather have an overhaul of all systems rather than suffer a faulty car under the hot sun. The summer heat could still get the best of your car despite your best efforts. As such, you may want to invest in a good car cover just in case. However, you need to choose the right one, as described in the following post: Classic Car Care in Summer: Choosing the Right Cover In our previous blog, we explored the basics for maintaining your classic vehicle in summer. While it’s the most opportune time to take your car out and enjoy it, the intense summer heat makes caring for your vehicle a little more tedious. In this article, we’re going into detail about how to choose the right cover that is best suited for your vehicle. Even more importantly, protect your investment with a Windham County Collector Car Insurance policy. Read more at Byrnes Agency… There are several things that will dictate the most appropriate cover for your car, especially if you intend to use it for years to come, and even if you intend to dispose of it soon. Finally, the summer heat shouldn’t be the reason why your car isn’t looking great. You can maintain your car’s aesthetic appeal using the advice in this post: SUMMER CAR CARE TIPS TO KEEP YOUR CAR GLEAMING Summer brings constant threats to your vehicle’s clean exterior and interior. The heat isn’t the only thing that seeks to destroy the upkeep you perform on your vehicle — UV rays, insects and other hazards unique to summer are all conspiring to damage your car’s finish. To… Read More »How To Take Proper Care Of Your Car This Summer

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Manual Or Automatic? What To Consider When Choosing A Car

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There are a whole lot of things to look at when you want to buy a car. At some point, however, you’ll have to complete the entire decision-making process by actually buying a car. You may even need to forego some of your own preferences for more important features. Go with whatever you feel comfortable with. Today we’ll look at manual versus automatic cars, and what you stand to gain from both in different aspects. Perhaps the best place to start is at the definition. The following post gets us started in this discussion: Automatic vs. manual vs. CVT: Different types of transmissions explained There are many flavors of car transmission in the world, and in this automatic vs. manual vs. CVT breakdown, we’ll cover the lot. All of them perform the same basic function, however — they channel the power generated by the engine to the drive wheels. With the notable exception of a continuously variable transmission (CVT), a transmission is a metal case that contains a series of gears, hence the name gearbox. Each gear has a specific ratio to ensure the wheels don’t spin at the same speed as the engine. Read more at Digital Trends… The fundamental difference between automatic and manual cars is their structural models and functioning. Based on this, their performance varies and you’ll get to decide which one you prefer. Having seen these differences, the next step would be to understand the pros and cons of the two types of vehicles.  The following post goes over some of them: Should I drive an automatic or manual car? Whether you’re new or experienced behind the wheel, the choice between types of gearbox usually comes down to your preference as a driver. The advantages of driving an automatic car include: Many people find automatics simpler to drive Learning in an automatic can allow you to focus more on speed and road position. Read more at The AA… Your decision will be guided by several factors including your budget, environment and how you intend to use the car you purchase. The question of which of the two (manual or automatic) is a better option will lie entirely with you. Manual vs automatic cars: Which is better? If you’ve seen any American film about driving, you’ll quickly notice that manual cars are a bit of a novelty. So much of a novelty, the Fast and Furious franchise make a point of zooming in whenever a character changes gear. Once you see it, you can’t un-see it. Drivers across the pond prefer driving automatic cars, and us Brits love a gear stick. But is there any merit to driving an automatic? Read more at Confused… In case you simply want to have an investigative trip as you make your decision on which car to buy, you can hire a car from a reliable company. If you are in Charlottesville, VA and are looking for a transportation service, you cannot go wrong with the award-winning Camryn Limousine. We… Read More »Manual Or Automatic? What To Consider When Choosing A Car

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Is Your Car Safe For You And Other Road Users?

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If you are a good driver, one of your priorities is to ensure that both you and the people you carry are safe. However, sometimes it does not occur to us that what you do or fail to do could jeopardize either our personal safety or that of others who are also using the road. Some innocent, conscious or unconscious decisions you make could actually be a hazard to someone else. This post will explore some of them. Let’s begin by ensuring your safety is not threatened. Without knowing it, your headlights could cause an accident. The following post explains how: Whether on a road trip or driving around town, drivers should recognize that when the sun goes down risks on the road go up. The reason for this is that driver vision is compromised at night, negatively impacting depth perception, color recognition, and peripheral vision. According to a 2016 survey from SYLVANIA Automotive, at night, 28 percent of motorists have difficulty seeing hazards and 62 percent of drivers try to avoid driving. Read more at Car Care… Regardless of the fact that we’re in the sunny season, your headlights should always be in top condition. Visibility is usually worse during winter, but it shouldn’t make you less careful now that it’s summer. On the other hand, your headlights could be causing danger to other drivers. What kind of headlights do you have? The following post explains more about this: Modern car headlights are so bright they are blinding drivers, say RAC The brightness of modern car headlights has created a new danger on the roads as they causing other motorists to be temporarily dazzled, according to new research. Two-thirds of drivers say they are regularly affected by oncoming headlights even though they are dipped, an RAC survey found. The majority of those affected say it takes up to five seconds before they can see clearly again. A vehicle travelling at 60 mph would cover 150 yards in that time. Some 15 per cent of the 2,061 motorists polled have nearly suffered a collision as a result of being dazzled by modern headlights they believe are too bright. Read more at Daily Mail… As a driver, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are not putting other drivers at risk. You wouldn’t want to be blinded when driving, so be sure to extend the same courtesy to others. Another surprisingly common factor that could jeopardize your safety and that of others is faulty brake lights. The following post explains this in detail: WHAT CAN HAPPEN WHEN YOUR BRAKE LIGHTS DON’T WORK? Your brakes are among the most crucial parts of your car, but your brake lights play several important roles as well. Your brake lights keep you visible when you’re driving in inclement weather, and other people’s brake lights help you notice other cars on the road. Without them, you are more likely to find yourself in a car accident, and in some cases, you might even get a… Read More »Is Your Car Safe For You And Other Road Users?

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These Tips Will Make Your Next Group Trip A Success

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The idea of going on a group trip is exciting. However, if it is going to be successful, there is a lot of planning that needs to be done. It is always advisable to get the logistics figured out ahead of time and even have a checklist at hand to ensure that all the necessary arrangements are made. One of the first things you should think about is how to organize the people you are going to travel with. The following post gives some considerations to make in order to ensure everyone is catered for: 5 TIPS FOR TRAVELING WITH A BIG GROUP And just like that, our trips to the beach for the summer are now over. It doesn’t seem there’s ever a trip long enough for us. Whether we spend 11 days in Panama City Beach or 3 in Jamaica Beach, we always end each trip thinking the time went by way too quickly. How can a trip where you spend most of your time lounging about and relaxing go by faster than your day-to-day life? 2017 is the first time that we’ve had three families together all at once so it was even more fun but I’m sure you can imagine all of the coordinating that has to take place when you have three families with a combined seven kids between 3 and 9 in the mix. But I learned a lot this trip and have some tips for traveling with a big group to share with you today. Read more at Live Love Texas… It is one thing to travel as a group; it is quite another if the group is made up of children and adults. Balancing all their needs is important if you want them all to enjoy the experience. There are other things you need to pay attention to, especially the transport details. These are easily forgotten, but can be quite costly. The following post discusses some of the transportation logistics to keep in mind: Have your mode of transportation paid for/decided Will you need transportation during your trip? Whether you are planning a day trip or a week long adventure, the mode of transportation should be decided beforehand and paid for way in advance. If there is a bus full of people, what will you do with all of those people when you get to your destination? How will you all get around? Are you traveling somewhere that the bus can park and you can walk? Is everyone in your party able to walk? Will the bus driver let people sit in the bus if they get tired? Bus drivers have hours that they can’t exceed, you need to find out before departing how many hours you will have your mode of transportation and how much will it cost if you need extra time. Please don’t assume your driver can stay over because many times, he won’t be able to. Read more at Roni The Travel Guru… Transport is a huge part… Read More »These Tips Will Make Your Next Group Trip A Success

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A Trip To Waynesboro Virginia Could Just Be Your Dream Come True

It is one thing to love traveling – it’s quite another to find the perfect destination. The ideal place would offer you the opportunity to explore the environment as well as your limits. It should be adventurous – one that pushes you beyond your limits. It would also allow you to learn as much as possible. It’s not just enough to be entertained – the perfect trip will have you going home feeling like a new you. Waynesboro Virginia offers exactly that. As the following post explains, this is one place you want to make your way to real soon: The Fascinating Town In Virginia That Is Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale One of the best aspects of small towns in Virginia is their ability to stand the test of time. One beautiful example of this is the town of Waynesboro. This Blue Ridge Mountain community is set in the most breathtaking location and seems like something you might find in a fairy tale. Here’s more on why you’ll want to plan your trip to see one of Virginia’s most scenic small towns. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the town of Waynesboro is located just west of Charlottesville on I-64. Read more at Only In Your State… Boasting some of the best historical sites and lots of activities, you can be sure that your trip to Waynesboro will be worth every penny. You’ll also get to learn a lot, whether you’re with your family, friends or your partner. Waynesboro has so much in store for you, especially if you are the kind of person that would rather spend your time out in nature. The following post highlights some of the town’s hotspots that will appeal to your love for nature: 9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Waynesboro, Virginia If You Love the Outdoors Nestled in the Shenandoah Valley of central Virginia, Waynesboro is a charming small town known for its historic Main Street crossing the South River with a great view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. But most notably, it’s surrounded by some of the most beautiful outdoor space in the eastern United States. You’ll find more than 100 scenic overlooks and nearly 700 miles of hiking trails in the region. It’s a well-known stop on the Appalachian Trail, where thru-hikers can stop for recuperation and supplies. It’s a growing mecca for hikers, campers, trail runners, paddlers, mountain bikers and anglers, who can spend endless weekends exploring the area’s trails and rivers. Read more at Roots Rated… Waynesboro is not just for those who are enthusiastic about outdoor activities. If you prefer to drive through scenic areas and take in the fresh air at different stops, then Waynesboro is just perfect for you too. The following post guide suggests how you can make the most of a 7-day road trip, whether you begin or end at Waynesboro: THE BEST OF THE BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY: A 7-DAY ROAD TRIP THROUGH NORTH CAROLINA AND VIRGINIA Ribboning through the southern Appalachians… Read More »A Trip To Waynesboro Virginia Could Just Be Your Dream Come True