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Get Started On A Wine Tour

Wine tasting isn’t just about tasting wine; it’s about the experience. If you are new to this fun activity, the best option is to use a professional wine tour company. Minimize the hassle involved in planning logistics by giving Camryn Limousine a call at (434) 990-9070 or visit our wine tour website to learn more.


Wine, Polo And Sundays At King Family Vineyards

Enjoy polo games with a glass of delicious King Family Vineyards wine every Sunday (field and weather conditions permitting) during the 2019 Roseland Polo Season! The season started on Sunday, June 2 and will continue every Sunday through early October. The gates open at 10 am and the matches start at 1 pm. They are free and open to the public! Remember to bring chairs, blankets and shade (popup tents are permitted). You can flag down the golf cart circling the field during the match to buy wine and bottled water. Get a group of your friends and family together and make a reservation with us for a fun trip to the excellent family-owned King Family Vineyards. Check out their Tasting Room before joining the fun fieldside to watch some polo! We can accommodate any group size with our limos, SUVs and buses!

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Wine Tour In Virginia? Your Questions Answered

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A wine tour is an amazing experience when planned and executed well. A Virginia wine tour can be especially exciting since Virginia is rich with vineyards that have drawn worldwide attention. If it is your first time to plan for a wine tour, you probably have a lot of questions. This post was written with you in mind. We hope that by the time you finish reading through it, you’ll be in a better to position to plan that great wine tour. When is the Best Time To Go On a Wine Tour? Generally speaking, the best months to visit the lush vineyards in Virginia are April through October, depending on your availability. The following post explains this in detail: April is Virginia Vineyard Month No matter where you are in Virginia, there is a breathtaking winery just a short drive away.  April is the perfect time to get out and discover why Wine Enthusiast magazine named Virginia one of the 10 Best Wine Travel Destinations in the world. The more time you take, the more you’ll discover ― every region, every vintage, every winery in Virginia is unique. The one constant is a warm welcome. Virginia wines are now recognized among the world’s best, and there are over 250 local wineries ready to show you why. Read more at Potomac Point Winery… April is just around the corner, so this would be the perfect time to start making the necessary arrangements for your first wine tour. What Should I Do (And Not Do) During a Wine Tour? As a first-timer, there are certain things you may want to be aware of so that you have a wine tour that’s memorable for all the right reasons. It helps to know the common blunders people make so you can avoid them. The following post will get you in the know: 10 Wine Tasting Tips for your Virginia Wine Tour Top ten recommendations for planning a successful Virginia Wine Tour 1. Don’t let the fancy jargon and spit bucket intimidate you when on your Virginia Wine Tour. Wine makers and for the most part anyone who works at a winery does so because they are passionate about wine. They love to talk about how wine is made, in particularly how their wine is made and the just about anything to do with the wine business. Read full post at Inn On Poplar Hill… Taking a heavy breakfast is essential before a wine tour. Although you only take in a little wine at a time, it can actually accumulate to a few glasses by the end of your tour. You do not want to become inebriated, or worse, embarrass yourself. Is There a “Correct” Way To Taste Wine? The truth is that wine tasting is an art. However, that shouldn’t make you think of it as a complicated activity. You just need the basics of how to do it, as explained in the following post: Wine Tasting Made Simple: A Traveler’s Guide to… Read More »Wine Tour In Virginia? Your Questions Answered

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How To Not Lose Your Cool During Your Wine Tour

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Taking a wine tour with your friends or significant other is one way to learn new things and sample some great wines, all while having lots of fun. And if you do it right, you’ll also get a nice buzz and some great laughs without losing your sophistication or embarrassing yourself. That’s also (or should be) one major difference between a wine tour experience and hanging out with your pals at the bar. Here are some useful tips to ensure your wine tour is a success: Make lunch part of your itinerary Eat lunch And breakfast, too. It’s Drinking 101, but it’s still surprising how many people skip this step. Don’t think for a second that the palate cleanser crackers, or even a cheese and charcuterie board are going to soak it all up. Read more at… Make sure everyone eats beforehand. If your tour will start in the morning, have a lunch stop as part of it. Bear in mind that if you’re starting early, it will mean that you’ll likely be taking wine earlier than your bodies are typically used to, so you might start to feel the effects pretty fast. A good breakfast is essential in such a case. Sharpen your sense of taste and smell Smell and taste are equally important when it comes to fully experiencing all that the wines have to offer. That’s why it’s important to ensure that nothing comes in the way of these two: No lipstick before tasting To properly appreciate a wine, your palate should be as ‘clear’ as possible. So don’t drink coffee, smoke or brush your teeth at least two hours before a wine tasting. If you can, also avoid lip balm or lipstick as the oils in these can interfere with the taste of the wine. Keep your nose ‘clean’ too Avoid wearing perfume and hairspray when you taste wine, as the strong scents can interfere when you try to smell the wine. 80 per cent of what you taste in wine is what you smell (this is why when you have a blocked nose, you can barely taste any flavours), so this is indeed a very important rule to remember. Read more at Lifestyle Food… Skipping on lipstick and perfume may sound weird, but not to the pros. You’ll certainly look like you know what you’re doing at the winery. And if someone asks, you can take advantage of the opportunity to share what you know and be the wine pro. Don’t get drunk Wineries are not the place to lose your cool. Although they do not discourage their guests having fun, they are also less tolerant of disruptive behavior than your local bar. It therefore helps to know your limits, and decide just how many wines to taste (or swallow, for that matter). Do spit Wine tastings are dangerous places for the uninitiated! Of course you can swallow if you want to, but do this towards to end or you’ll end up horribly drunk… Read More »How To Not Lose Your Cool During Your Wine Tour

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How To Taste Wine Like A Professional

Going for a wine-tasting or a wine tour can be intimidating, especially if you have seen professional wine-tasters doing their thing. The good news, though, is that it takes much less than what television portrays to enjoy a wine-tasting. The rules you should follow to enjoy the experience are pretty straightforward. Read on below to learn some tips and tricks to make your next wine-tasting experience wonderful. Start with a clear wine glass. The rim of the glass should bend inwards to help funnel aromas to the nose, and allow you to swirl without spilling. Now pour a little wine into your glass. An inch or less is best. If you are tasting several wines, begin with the lightest… Read more at Outer Banks Vacations… You will taste a lot of wine, and each one should be tasted in a clean glass. If you are a novice, remember to keep the wine amounts as small as possible. Swirling a mouthful of water around your mouth to clean your mouth after each drink is a great tip too. Remember, if you are tasting a vast selection of wines, start with lighter tastes like roses and sparkling and move on to the reds last. As a rule, wine should be tasted from lightest to heaviest if you’re trying a few bottles, as heavy wine can overwhelm your palate. Start with sparkling wine, move onto lighter whites (Riesling, Pinot Grigio), then try heavier whites (like Chardonnay). Rose goes in the middle, followed by lighter reds (like Pinot Noir) before heavier reds (Shiraz or Cabernet), finishing up with any sweet fortified wines. Have water on hand to sip between tastes, and remember that wine rules are made to be broken. In fact, we’ll often taste wine the French way, with reds before whites. A sparkling or fresh white is a great way to reset the palate after some tannic reds – as is bread. Read more at Black Hearts and Sparrows… Heavy wines include red wines like Cabernet. This should be the last one you taste. Start with sparkling wines and whites, follow with a rose, and then finish with reds. However, remember you don’t always have to taste everything on the menu. Some areas only specialize in red wine making, so you might find yourself tasting a specific type of wine the entire time. When the wine is first poured into the glass, hold the tilted wine glass over a piece of white paper. This is to check for the age of the wine. If there is a transparent ring at the top, it is a young wine. If it is denser, it is a more mature wine. Our wine expert explained this to look like a fingernail. The wine is shaped like a fingernail when the glass is tilted and the lighter portion is the length of the nail. That is where you should look to see if the wine is young or old. Read more at The Planet D… Wine-tasting is… Read More »How To Taste Wine Like A Professional

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How To Make The Most Of Your Wine Tour

Wine tours are more than just wine-tasting experiences. A complete wine tour lets you experience the vineyards and learn about their history as you sample the best wines the vineyards have to offer. In addition, you want to have fun doing it. At Camryn, we have extensive experience in providing wine tasting experiences for wine lovers. We can proudly say that we’ve done our part to enhance the popularity of Virginia as a wine-tasting destination. Here are the top three things that wine enthusiasts do to ensure they enjoy wine tours to the maximum: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions The first stop of the day is usually a bit of a breaking-in period for many of our guests. We like to have fun and talk to you on the trip from your hotel or our office but it seems like the second you step into that first winery it’s suddenly real. The most important thing you can remember is that it’s all about the interaction, feel free to ask any question you might have and never be afraid to speak up. No matter how silly you think your question is, we’ve all probably been there and wondered that. Read more at Grape and Wine Tours… The more questions you ask, the more enriching your experience will be. Ask questions before and after. Ask about the history of the vineyard, the grapes used to make the wine, how long the vineyard has existed, and so on. These are the kinds of questions vineyard owners and workers like to answer. Everyone loves to speak about the things they are passionate about. Use Every Sense to Savor the Wine Wine is a sensory experience that engages all of your senses – yes, even hearing! Observe the wine before you taste. Make note of the color, the clarity, and the viscosity in the glass. Next, nose the wine (smell it). Interestingly enough, most wines don’t taste like they smell, but see if there are any aromas in there that you recognize … flowers? Spices? Animal? Mineral? Earth? Anything’s possible. Read more at Traynor Vineyard… If you want to do things like a pro, then follow these handy tips. Everything from how the wine tastes on your tongue versus the sensation it gives at the back of your throat tells you the type of wine, its acidic composition, and alcohol content. Timing Is Everything In high season after noon, tasting rooms can get packed. Staff won’t have time to discuss the wines with you. Plan your day so you are at a winery with good picnic/dining facilities at lunchtime. Obviously, it is best to visit during the off-season or midweek. Crush time, late August to mid-October, is busy and buzzing, so don’t expect to see the winemaker for more than a few frantic moments! Read more at Readers Digest… It is important to go early in the day for a wine-tasting if you can. By the evening or afternoon, vineyard employees have been answering… Read More »How To Make The Most Of Your Wine Tour

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All You Need To Know For Your First Virginia Wine Tour

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For starters, a wine tour is not an activity restricted to wine lovers. Of course those who absolutely love checking out new flavors will enjoy the experience. However, a wine tour is really an educational trip where you can learn so much about the geographical location, the people who established the vineyards as well as the various wine making processes used in producing the wine. If you are planning for a Virginia wine tour for the first time, you don’t need to feel intimidated. The following post will help you get started: WINE TASTING AND TOURS FOR BEGINNERS: WHAT TO EXPECT Wine tasting is not just about tasting wine; it is more like an experience. For people who are new to this fun activity, this article will give you a guide on what to expect. To go on a wine tour, you can decide to go on your own and use simple tools like the internet or a map. You can also go for a wine tour company that specializes in touring wineries. As a newbie to wine touring, the best option is to use a professional tour company. Read more at Kazzit… If it is your first time to go on a wine tour, you can minimize the hassle involved in planning logistics by opting for a wine tour company. As in any activity, there are some basic guidelines that help to make the process easier and regulated. The following post gives some of the things to be aware of as you go on your wine tour: Wine Tasting Etiquette – The Dos and Don’ts Whether you are a wine newbie or an experienced taster, wine tasting events are a fun way to learn about what you like and don’t like. It’s the perfect opportunity to try new wines without having to invest in a bottle if you don’t like it. To help you out at your next event, we’ve compiled a list of our top dos and don’ts, so no matter how experienced you are, you’ll feel at home trying great wines. Read more at Winerist… Getting a little bit of information from the wine tour company you’re planning to work with can go a long way in eliminating some unnecessary surprises on your trip. Virginia just happens to be among the top wine tour destinations in the world, producing some of the best quality wines. The following post describes how you can use one weekend for an elaborate Virginia wine tour: First stop: Veritas Vineyard and Winery Combined, the 285 wineries in Virginia sold 6.6 million bottles of wine in 2016, according to the governor’s office. And according to a 2012 economic impact study, the Virginia wine industry employs more than 4,700 people and contributes almost $750 million to Virginia’s economy each year. Read more at Penn Live… There’s a lot to see and learn when you take a Virginia wine tour. You’ll definitely enjoy the time you had exploring the various vineyards in the area. The… Read More »All You Need To Know For Your First Virginia Wine Tour

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Plan Your Unforgettable Virginia Wine Tour This Year

Virginia wines have won worldwide awards, which is why you need to start planning your Virginia Wine Tour. In addition to getting to taste some of the most exquisite wines in the globe, you also get the chance to enjoy the awesome sights surrounding Virginia’s wineries. The year is still young, so you can make plans for a Virginia wine tour this year. Bring along your partner or friends and make it that much more special. You can choose from a broad selection of wineries in Virginia to visit, each offering its own unique kind of adventure. The following post highlights some of the more popular wineries you might consider: 10 Wineries That Show Why Virginia Is For Wine Lovers FACT: Virginia is creating some of the best wines in the world. And it has been since it first won the title of best red wine of all nations at the Vienna World’s Fair in 1873. And even though it’s America’s fifth-largest wine producer, most of Virginia’s seriously amazing wine stays stateside, and even, in some cases, solely in Virginia. A quick internet search of “Virginia wine” will prove to you, skeptical reader, that the wine critics of the world are, indeed, gaga for these grapes. But we decided to dive deeper into the best of the best. Read more at BuzzFeed… As you explore some of these wineries, you’ll likely conclude, like many before you, that the world’s best wine is grown in Virginia. And if you love quality wine, don’t be surprised if you start entertaining thoughts of staying in Virginia the rest of your life. As you tour these awesome wineries, you’ll also get to participate in activities that will make the experience even more enjoyable. Hiking is one option that will allow you to fully take in the beautiful sights around: 10 Beautiful Fall Hikes Near Virginia Wineries Talk about a pairing. When you combine visiting a Virginia winery with a hike in Virginia’s bountiful natural glory, the sensory delights extend far beyond the palette! Furthermore, touring a winery can be a scenic experience in its own right – viewing the rows of grape arbors, walking wonderfully landscaped grounds on cobblestone paths and soaking in views of the rolling countryside. And let’s not forget the tastings, whether they are indoors or out. The tastings are the raison d’etre as far as winery tours are concerned. However, just because we love wine tastings and touring wineries doesn’t mean we can’t add a walk or hike to the adventure. Hiking to a nearby waterfall, overlook or historic site just might build up an appreciation for the great outdoors and perhaps a thirst for the harvest of the grape — wine produced in Virginia. Read more at… A winery tour to Virginia coupled with hikes definitely makes for an awesome trip, and you’ll love every day of it. You should also include a little luxury into your tour. That’s where we come in. Camryn Limousines will provide convenient… Read More »Plan Your Unforgettable Virginia Wine Tour This Year

The Wine Tasting Experience

Are you interested in going wine tasting but not sure if you’re really qualified, or would know what to do? Wine tasting is something anyone can do, but the more knowledgeable you are the more you will get out of the experience. First off, read this article on how to visit a winery: 15 Steps to a Successful Winery Visit There has never been a better time to go visit a winery near you. All over the U.S., more wineries than ever are open and eager for you to drop by. Many of them plan special events during the summer and entire regions now are heavily promoting their wine trails. … You do not have to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy wine tasting, but you should have some idea of what constitutes good and bad wines. This article explains how to know what to look for when wine tasting: How to Taste Wine So, how do you taste and evaluate a glass of wine? Follow our wine tasting tips below—but before you start, make sure you’re in the right tasting environment. … If you’re thinking of visiting multiple wineries on your trip, you might consider taking one of Camryn Limo’s Charlottesville wine tours. This allows you to be more relaxed and not worry about getting lost, and is also of course much safer than driving yourself after drinking wine. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the beautiful Virginia Wine Region.