Here’s How To Make Your Summer In Charlottesville Memorable

Here’s How To Make Your Summer In Charlottesville Memorable

One of the best things about Charlottesville is that you cannot quite run out of things to do, especially in the summer. Whether you’re married with children, or single and looking for fun activities with your friends, there are more things to do that there are summer days.

This is the time to get into as many swimming pools as you possibly can to cool off. It’s also the best time to indulge in those frozen delights that tickle your fancy, according to the following post:

Based On How You Plan To Spend Summers, Can We Suggest Which Frozen Dessert You Should Try Next?

Summer is here...

... and no matter how much you try, it always ends up taking the better of you. Truth be told, there aren’t many reasons to really like the season. But one that certainly makes it to the list is a frozen dessert. While you can eat one anytime you want, it's only in summers that you experience its true soul-soothing effect. Despite the heat, I still make those trips to the grocery store, every Sunday, just so that I can go to the deep freezer and pick a different variant of the deliciousness. Every dessert sets a different mood and hence, we came up with this quiz to guess the best possible variant you could try to beat the heat. Let’s go! Read full post at Scoop Whoop...

If you have children, you know you will need to keep them occupied. Kids have a lot of energy that needs to be spent each day, and it can either be spent on fun activities you plan for them, or on turning your home inside out.

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The best thing about kids is that you don’t really need to get too creative; there are so many kids’ activities to choose from. You can create a list of stuff that’s convenient for you, take them to different places on different days, and simply repeat when you run out. Check out the following post for ideas:

9 Summer Activities For Kids In CVille

  1. Swimming At Onesty Family Aquatic Center

300 Meade Ave, Charlottesville, Virginia 22902


Lounge around the in the lazy river, while the kids zip down water slides and play in obstacle courses. There’s even a zero depth splash area for the little ones! Read full post at Scoutology...

After a busy year of endless work and not much play, summer is the time to give yourself and your significant other a well-deserved break.

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What better way to do this than to get a taste of some of Virginia’s famous wines that you haven’t tried before? A wine tour is the perfect opportunity to unwind together, get some good laughs and enjoy some amazing Virginia sights.

Virginia's Award-Winning Monticello Region Is Your 2018 Summer Wine Trip

It's been called the birthplace of American wine, thanks to Thomas Jefferson. Like so many distinctions in American heritage, the Monticello AVA wine region in Virginia has Jefferson's fingerprints all over it and it's one of this summer's most exciting wine-tasting destinations. Read full post at Forbes...

Whatever your plans for the summer, make them extra special by taking a luxury ride to your destination with Camryn Limousine. We are Charlottesville’s premier transport provider, offering chauffeured rides for couples, families and groups.

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