The Modern Definition Of A Luxury Car Experience

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In the past, cars were merely a means to get people from one point to the other. The main concern was the efficiency of transportation. However, once those objectives were met, new features were added to cars to make them even more valuable to users. Features that were in the past considered luxuries are now the order of the day as car manufacturers strive to stay ahead of the competition.

The focus is now on customer experience, which has become the measuring rod when choosing a car to purchase, hire or lease. The following highlights just how far car manufacturers have gone to make your car experience that much more pleasurable:

In fact, Ford’s long-struggling Lincoln brand is hoping it can rise above the rest of its luxury competitors by offering a suite of customer services, including a concierge that can arrange tickets to a play or even set up a “date night.” Starting with the 2017 Lincoln Continental, all new Lincoln models get standard pickup and delivery – along with a free loaner – when the car needs to go in for service or repairs.

“The goal,” said Consumer Marketing Manager Rob Rosenbach, “was not just to deliver a laundry list” of traditional luxury cues, but to focus on the “ownership experience.” Read more at NBC News…

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A lot of investment goes into ensuring the most basic car features are enhanced to deliver an unforgettable experience. As an example, the following post describes how seats have undergone various transformations over the years to enhance the riding experience:

“We always focus on the design of the dashboard or the concept of the car … and the seats seem to be something we sketch later,” laments Darren Day, head of interior design for Bentley Motors.

Sure, there’ve been some exceptions along the road to seating perdition, including the addition of heating, ventilation and massage functions — along with offbeat options like the outward-swiveling seats came into vogue during the 1950s. But by and large, seats are an afterthought, which is surprising, given that they account for roughly 5% of a car’s total cost and about 6% of its weight.

But that dynamic is changing as car designers look to interiors as the next laboratory for innovative differentiation. And as driverless cars become a reality, experts predict that seat designs will evolve even further and head in previously unimaginable directions. Read more at BBC…

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So with all these changes coming up, it’s the customer that stands to benefit from the enhanced luxury car experience.

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