Why You Should Make Charlottesville Your 2019 Travel Destination

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Charlottesville tour

Charlottesville is one of Virginia’s most popular destinations, especially for foodies, wine and beer lovers, as well as history and nature buffs. Named the 2nd best place to visit in Virginia, a visit to Charlottesville should be on your bucket list, and with good reason.

With numerous wineries, vineyards, and craft breweries, your taste buds will certainly enjoy the adventure. Not only that, but Charlottesville also boasts a vibrant restaurant scene that blends well with its delectable wines and craft beers.

Charlottesville tour

Your trip to Charlottesville will be incomplete if you don’t visit some of the amazing wineries around. Here’s what one visitor had to share about her experience:

Our second winery stop was King Family Vineyards, a family owned winery which also has a huge polo field for summer matches on Sundays starting on Memorial Day weekend. The entire place was stunning and I’m dying to go back in the spring or summer with TJ. Dogs are welcome there which already makes it feel like home but I really genuinely felt like I was a home when we were here. James King let us try some of the best wine and we even got a sneak peek taste of their new rose the day before it launched on Valentine’s Day. We all bought multiple bottles of wine to take home and we found a table to eat our sandwiches we had picked up earlier at Keevil & Keevil. Read full post at Pretty In The Pines…

If you’re a history buff, then you will certainly enjoy Charlottesville, otherwise known as “Mr. Jefferson’s Town”. One of the places that you should definitely make part of your stroll down historical memory lane is Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s former home. This World Heritage Site is an architectural masterpiece; the mansion and grounds are a sight to behold. It’s also the place to be if you’d like an in-depth history lesson on the American Revolutionary period.

Charlottesville tour

Other historical stops to consider are the James Monroe Highland, The University of Virginia and the Downtown Pedestrian Mall (one of the largest in the country). If a historical tour is not your idea of a fun activity, think again. Charlottesville is the place where history and fun actually coexist, as the following post proves:

Charlottesville! A Guide to the City and the 9 Places Every DMB Fan Must Visit!

…If you are a Dave Matthews Band fan, you can thank Charlottesville for bringing the band together. The band formed in Charlottesville over 25 years ago, and still has lots of strong connections to the city today.

Keep reading for my guide to visiting Charlottesville, including my tips on how to get the most out of your trip. If you are a DMB fan, you’ll want to check out my 9 places to make sure you visit while you’re in town. Read full post at Tips2LiveBy…

Charlottesville tour

Finally, if you just need a place where you can enjoy some peace and quiet, take in some heart-stopping views and explore natural terrain, come to Charlottesville. We’ve got some of the best hiking and biking trails in the country, including the Rivanna Trail, the Saunders-Monticello Trail, and the Crabtree Falls Trail.

One of the best hikes near Charlottesville VA is the popular Crabtree Falls trail, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Crabtree is the longest vertical cascade in the Eastern US. The series of several waterfalls cascade a total of 1200 feet. From the lower parking lot, it’s a steadily uphill, but not too challenging, 1.8 mile climb to the top of the falls. At the top, a viewpoint looks out over the Tye River Gorge filling with color in Autumn. This is one of the best waterfall hikes in Virginia, and is well worth the drive during a Charlottesville getaway. Read more at Fun In Fairfax…

Charlottesville tour

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