How Much Do You Know About Wine Tours?

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There are many exciting ways you can celebrate an anniversary or a special event. If you love traveling and discovering new places, you don’t even need to wait until you have a special event. Wine tours offer the best opportunity to explore new places and learn more about familiar places. Virginia is a world-famous wine tour destination, boasting the best wines in the world. The question is, have you ever gone on a Virginia Wine Tour?

Contrary to popular belief, wine tasting is not the only thing you get to do during a wine tour. You could have the opportunity to take part in some of the wine processing activities. The following post answers some of your concerns about taking a wine tour:

Why Book a Wine Tour?

They say the best way to explore and get to know a country is through its food, wine, and people. Wine tours cover it all.

Why Book a Wine Tour?

Wine tours have become increasingly popular throughout the world, and it’s easy to understand why. Wine is part of many countries history and culture and if you are learning about their wine, you are learning about, well, pretty much about everything.

What is a Wine tour?

As I said before, a wine tour allows you to learn by experiencing the best a country has to offer. It is an educational experience where you visit the wineries, taste wine, learn how it’s made, walk through the vineyards, and, depending on the season, you can even participate in the harvest and produce your own wine. Read more at Wine Tourism in Portugal…

A wine tour can be compared to a wildlife tour. Seeing wildlife is not the only thing you do on a wildlife tour. There are so many exciting activities you can take part in. The same applies to wine tours.

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You may not be familiar with the concept of a wine tour if you have never gone on one before. If you are wondering what to expect from a wine tour, the following post should answer some if not all of your questions:

What to Expect From a Wine Tour

A wine tour is primarily an immersive stay, educational in its own way, set in a circumscribed geographical area or region which focuses on the discovery of wines and wineries of the very same area.

What exactly is a “wine tour”? What should you expect from this experience beyond the usual wine tasting? How can you make the most of it?

During a wine tour you can expect a visit to one or more wineries, and its duration can vary according to personal taste and the area in which the tour is focused: you can exhaust a whole day, or take tours that last for weeks on end.

The organization may be delegated to an agency or tour operator, or you can deal with it yourself by booking online visits to the wine cellars you find most suitable. Read more at Famigliacecchi…

When it comes to wine tours, there are no hard and fast rules. You have the freedom to choose where, when and how long you want to be on the tour.  Just remember to make your bookings early enough.

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Virginia wine tours are some of the best the country has to offer. It is the perfect way to create fond memories and have the best time. The following post is one visitor’s experience at a Virginia wine tour:

My 2017 Wine Tour – Stop #1: Farmville, Virginia

I am fortunate to be a part of a new wine-themed mystery anthology, 50 Shades of Cabernet with some talented authors: Barb Goffman, Teresa Inge, Kristin Kisska, Jayne Ormerod, Maria Hudgins, Lyn Brittan, Douglas Lutz, Alan Orloff, Debbiann Holmes, Betsy Ashton, James M. Jackson, Tina Whittle, Maggie King, Nancy Naigle, Rosemary Shomaker, Jenny Sparks, and Ken Wingate.

As part of the book promotion, we’re visiting wineries, wine shops, and festivals up and down the east coast. Here’s my disclaimer: I am a wine novice. I prefer iced tea and Dr. Pepper, so I’ve got a lot to learn. Read more at Heather Weidner…

Like Heather, you don’t have to be a wine lover to go on a wine tour. In fact, that should not limit you from enjoying the unique experiences that wine tours in Virginia have to offer.

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