How To Make The Most Of Your Wine Tour

wine tour

Wine tours are more than just wine-tasting experiences. A complete wine tour lets you experience the vineyards and learn about their history as you sample the best wines the vineyards have to offer. In addition, you want to have fun doing it.

At Camryn, we have extensive experience in providing wine tasting experiences for wine lovers. We can proudly say that we’ve done our part to enhance the popularity of Virginia as a wine-tasting destination.

Here are the top three things that wine enthusiasts do to ensure they enjoy wine tours to the maximum:

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

The first stop of the day is usually a bit of a breaking-in period for many of our guests. We like to have fun and talk to you on the trip from your hotel or our office but it seems like the second you step into that first winery it’s suddenly real. The most important thing you can remember is that it’s all about the interaction, feel free to ask any question you might have and never be afraid to speak up. No matter how silly you think your question is, we’ve all probably been there and wondered that. Read more at Grape and Wine Tours…

The more questions you ask, the more enriching your experience will be. Ask questions before and after.

wine tour

Ask about the history of the vineyard, the grapes used to make the wine, how long the vineyard has existed, and so on. These are the kinds of questions vineyard owners and workers like to answer. Everyone loves to speak about the things they are passionate about.

Use Every Sense to Savor the Wine

Wine is a sensory experience that engages all of your senses – yes, even hearing! Observe the wine before you taste. Make note of the color, the clarity, and the viscosity in the glass. Next, nose the wine (smell it). Interestingly enough, most wines don’t taste like they smell, but see if there are any aromas in there that you recognize … flowers? Spices? Animal? Mineral? Earth? Anything’s possible. Read more at Traynor Vineyard…

If you want to do things like a pro, then follow these handy tips. Everything from how the wine tastes on your tongue versus the sensation it gives at the back of your throat tells you the type of wine, its acidic composition, and alcohol content.

wine tour

Timing Is Everything

In high season after noon, tasting rooms can get packed. Staff won’t have time to discuss the wines with you. Plan your day so you are at a winery with good picnic/dining facilities at lunchtime. Obviously, it is best to visit during the off-season or midweek. Crush time, late August to mid-October, is busy and buzzing, so don’t expect to see the winemaker for more than a few frantic moments! Read more at Readers Digest…

It is important to go early in the day for a wine-tasting if you can. By the evening or afternoon, vineyard employees have been answering questions all day, so they might not be as energetic. Going early in the day also gives you a chance to explore historic sites along the way.

wine tour

Choose Camryn Limousine to give you a luxurious tour of the best vineyards in Virginia. Give us a call on 434-979-8200. Your call will go directly to either Barbara or Cheri, who will help you plan your unforgettable wine tour.