How To Taste Wine Like A Professional

taste wine

Going for a wine-tasting or a wine tour can be intimidating, especially if you have seen professional wine-tasters doing their thing. The good news, though, is that it takes much less than what television portrays to enjoy a wine-tasting. The rules you should follow to enjoy the experience are pretty straightforward. Read on below to learn some tips and tricks to make your next wine-tasting experience wonderful.

Start with a clear wine glass. The rim of the glass should bend inwards to help funnel aromas to the nose, and allow you to swirl without spilling.

Now pour a little wine into your glass. An inch or less is best. If you are tasting several wines, begin with the lightest… Read more at Outer Banks Vacations…

You will taste a lot of wine, and each one should be tasted in a clean glass. If you are a novice, remember to keep the wine amounts as small as possible. Swirling a mouthful of water around your mouth to clean your mouth after each drink is a great tip too.

taste wine

Remember, if you are tasting a vast selection of wines, start with lighter tastes like roses and sparkling and move on to the reds last.

As a rule, wine should be tasted from lightest to heaviest if you’re trying a few bottles, as heavy wine can overwhelm your palate. Start with sparkling wine, move onto lighter whites (Riesling, Pinot Grigio), then try heavier whites (like Chardonnay). Rose goes in the middle, followed by lighter reds (like Pinot Noir) before heavier reds (Shiraz or Cabernet), finishing up with any sweet fortified wines. Have water on hand to sip between tastes, and remember that wine rules are made to be broken. In fact, we’ll often taste wine the French way, with reds before whites. A sparkling or fresh white is a great way to reset the palate after some tannic reds – as is bread. Read more at Black Hearts and Sparrows…

Heavy wines include red wines like Cabernet. This should be the last one you taste. Start with sparkling wines and whites, follow with a rose, and then finish with reds.

taste wine

However, remember you don’t always have to taste everything on the menu. Some areas only specialize in red wine making, so you might find yourself tasting a specific type of wine the entire time.

When the wine is first poured into the glass, hold the tilted wine glass over a piece of white paper. This is to check for the age of the wine. If there is a transparent ring at the top, it is a young wine. If it is denser, it is a more mature wine. Our wine expert explained this to look like a fingernail. The wine is shaped like a fingernail when the glass is tilted and the lighter portion is the length of the nail. That is where you should look to see if the wine is young or old. Read more at The Planet D…

Wine-tasting is an experience you want to savor, which is why you should do it in style. When you book a wine tour with Camryn Limousine, you’ll be sure to love it. We started the wine tours in our region, and it is our specialty. We’ve done our homework. Call us today on 434-990-(9070) to book your wine tour and enjoy the sweet wines and views of Virginia.