Stay On Top Of The Business Travel Game

Stay On Top Of The Business Travel Game

Business trips are very important in charting the way forward for any organization. They provide opportunities for making huge deals that could change the course of your business. On the other hand, business trips can be quite hectic and without essential services like proper transportation, all the objectives of such a trip could easily remain unmet.

There are important considerations you need to make when it comes to selecting a transportation company for your business trip. The following post describes important questions to ask before making your decision:


As a corporate travel manager, you’ll want to do everything possible to ensure executives can enjoy safe, dependable ground transportation.

However, not every car service offers guarantees.

Asking the right questions is essential when choosing a ground transportation provider.

By doing so, you can learn about this company, its reputation and what it can offer as well.

So what should you ask a ground transportation provider prior to any business trip? Here are five questions to ask when booking a car service: Read full post at…

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The question of whether the transportation company can accommodate unforeseen changes in your schedule is critical to your decision. You don’t want an argument to ensue while preparing for a meeting. Even worse, you don’t want to have to make new arrangements at the last minute.

After settling for the best company, you also need to do your part in preparing adequately for the business trip to ensure it is as successful as possible. There are a few details to be aware of. The following post explores some of them:

5 Ground Transportation Tips For Business Travelers

While you’re planning business travel to a new city, remember that getting around efficiently is a must to making any trip a success. Waze, TripAdvisor and Google Maps have done wonders for making unfamiliar business travel more informed both domestically and internationally, but what happens when you need more than the classics to maneuver you around a city?

Try these ground transportation tips to save time, be more informed and never be standing on a corner, luggage at your feet, wondering how it all went wrong next time you go somewhere new. Read full post at…


It is always great to do some research on the area you will be visiting. For instance, find out the essential requirements you will need during your time there. In the event that the language spoken is different, learn simple courtesies well in advance.


An awareness of potential stress factors during your business travel will help you prepare for them. This way, you won’t feel stranded even if they do occur. The following post describes some of these in detail:

Six Tips To Reduce Stress While Traveling For Business

Traveling for business may seem glamorous—flying to new cities or across the globe. It can also be extremely stressful and taxing on your health. The top three triggers for stress when traveling can be grouped into three main areas, according to a study by CWT Travel Solutions Group (CWT).

  1. Lost Time. It’s difficult, or downright impossible, to get work done while traveling, especially when you have a long flight. Many day-to-day business needs pile up while you are on the road, so when you return, you will need to “catch up” on work that you missed.
  2. Unforeseen Events. Just thinking about the possibility of lost or delayed luggage, a delayed flight, or a missed connection can cause extreme anxiety for most business travelers. Read full post at…

One way you can prepare yourself to combat stress triggers such as lost time is to hire a reliable transport company. This will allow your business trip to be as efficient as possible, giving you the flexibility you need to remain productive even as you travel.

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