Bring Your Family Together With The Help Of Camryn Limousine

Do you have elderly family living out of state that you would like to bring home to stay with you while the coronavirus pandemic is ongoing? Charlottesville is centrally located on the East Coast:

📌 DC: 116 miles
📌 Baltimore: 156 miles
📌 Philadelphia: 256 miles
📌 New York: 342 miles
📌 Boston: 554 miles
📌 Portland, ME: 653 miles
📌 Orlando: 808 miles

Hiring Camryn Limousine is much safer than traveling by airplane or train. We sanitize our vehicles every day for your safety and our owner is a certified EMT.

Schedule a ride today by calling (434) 990-9070 or click the ‘BOOK NOW’ button on our website!