A Peek Into The Mercedes Benz

A Peek Into The Mercedes Benz

There are lots of cars out there, and it’s become difficult, if not impossible, to keep up with the all the vehicle brands available today. However, a brand that prevails over the years and keeps growing in recognition is one worth looking into. That’s the story of Mercedes. Today, we will look at it and discover some of the reasons behind its growth and sustained popularity over the years.

What do you know about the Mercedes? The following post gives some facts that you probably didn’t know about the brand that might interest you:

10 Mercedes Benz Facts That Will Make You Go WOW

Be honest, everyone loves Mercedes Benz. Not only the most famous car of the Mercedes, Benz is also a tough opponent for Honda, Ford, and all other brands. But the question is, what makes this car so special? In order to fulfill your curiosity, we will provide the list of Mercedes Benz Facts.

10 Interesting Mercedes Benz Facts

#1. The Marriage Secret

The first petrol powered Mercedes vehicle was made by Karl Benz, the Mercedes-Benz co-founder. His fiancée, Bertha, had to invest in the project as a part of the prevailing marriage law. Read more at Car From Japan…

It seems that people all over the world love the Benz for one reason or the other. One of them is its obvious association with luxury due to the undeniable attention to detail that goes into making it.

Another area in which the Mercedes has not been left behind is that of car electrification. The following post explains what’s in the pipeline for the Benz:

Mercedes-Benz is about to launch its electric car offensive

Buried in the press releases for the seemingly endless array of models Mercedes-Benz and its various sub-brands plan to unveil at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show was a brief, but important, announcement. Mercedes will unveil the first production electric car from its new EQ sub-brand in Geneva, the first of what will be many new electric cars from the German automaker.

Mercedes did not disclose the identity of the new model, but it’s possible that it will be... Read more at Digital Trends...

The move toward electric cars is only growing, and the Benz is not about to be left behind.

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Another interesting feature that is now available for the A-class is explained in the following post:

Mercedes’ updated A-Class introduces individual car sharing

Usually, an automaker's entry-level vehicle is where features initially dropped into the premium line trickle down. Mercedes has taken a different approach with the introduction of the new A-Class.

The entry-level Mercedes will be the launching point for three new features. The voice-centric infotainment system, MBUX we demoed at CES, an extended blind-spot assist that's on for three minutes after a car has been parked to watch for approaching cyclists and the new casual, private car-sharing feature via the Mercedes Me app. It's that last one that's important as automakers figure out how cars will be used and shared in the future. Read more at Engadget...

Seems there are lots of surprises for Mercedes Benz lovers to look out for and enjoy.

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