How To Plan For Your Wedding Transportation The Smart Way

How To Plan For Your Wedding Transportation The Smart Way

Weddings should be memorable, which is why your wedding is probably one of the life events for which you will make the most preparations. There are lots of details that go into just one day, and some of them will have to do with transportation. For instance, you need to think about how many cars you will need, what type of cars, possible traffic delays and costs involved – just to mention a few.

Planning for transportation for your wedding day does not have to be stressful, but it does need to be done well in advance. The following post offers handy tips for planning for your wedding transportation:

12 Wedding Transportation Tips You Need to Know

When it comes to ensuring your big day runs smoothly, hiring reliable, safe wedding transportation for yourself and your guests is essential. Whether you’re looking to book a single limousine for you and your future spouse or a fleet of transportation including guest shuttle buses and other vehicles, there are a lot of logistics involved. We talked to wedding transportation experts from around the country, who shared their insider advice. Read full post at Wedding Wire...

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Timely communication is essential in ensuring your wedding transportation plans go as planned. When providing transportation for your wedding guests, be sure to let them know well beforehand as this will help them plan accordingly. Information such as when and where your guests will get their rides is essential, but can be easy to overlook with all the planning.

Something else you’ll need to decide is what type of wedding transportation to go for. This will largely be influenced by your budget and your particular needs and preferences. If you’re going to hire limos, you’ll need to choose between point-to-point and hourly limo rides. Several considerations will be made when making the decision, one of which is the cost. However, as the post below reveals, this should not be the main consideration:

Does It Matter Which Ride Type I Choose for My Wedding Transportation?

Balancing how to throw a dream wedding while staying on budget is a common challenge for many involved in the wedding planning process. Whether it’s finding the perfect dress at a great price or securing a beautiful venue without breaking the bank, there are many costs to consider as the big day nears. When booking wedding transportation, it may seem the smart, economical choice is to reserve a ride only for the amount of time you are in the vehicle. While it may appear an easy way to save a few dollars, a point-to-point ride type is probably not the best ground transportation choice for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Read full post at


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Another advantage of choosing an hourly limo for your wedding is that in addition to getting you around in style, it also makes for splendid wedding photos. The following post highlights some of the ways you can take advantage of your wedding limo:

5 ways to feature your limo in your wedding pictures

Getting a limousine to provide transportation for your wedding can be stylish and fun, but its uses go beyond taking you from point A to B. Here are 5 great ways to include a limo into the pictures taken during your special day! Read full post at Wedding Ideas Mag...

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