Pro-Tips For A Great Summer Road Trip

Pro-Tips For A Great Summer Road Trip

Summer offers lots of opportunities to kick back and get rejuvenated before going back to another year of hard work. One of the ways to do this is to take a road trip. However, there are lots of things that could make your trip less enjoyable, and the last thing you want to feel while on a summer road trip with your friends or family is stressed out.

That said, a healthy balance of proper planning and realistic expectations will certainly help to make your trip a success. And it doesn’t hurt to get some tips from those who know what they’re talking about:

5 Tips for the Perfect Family Road Trip

Summer is coming, and for our family that means road trips. Believe it or not, we as a family really enjoy travelling by car. It's just so easy. There is room to bring everything we want, and it makes it easy to travel without two dogs. What I have learned over the years though is that a successful road trip comes down to a few simple tips. We hope that you enjoy our 5 Tips for the perfect family road trip. Read full post at Divine Lifestyle...

If you’re traveling with kids, there are certain things you must do, but they’re not complicated at all. Simple things like ensuring you have sufficient snacks and taking frequent breaks will make the trip a lot more pleasant than you might expect.

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Something else you need to be sure about before you head out is the state of your car. Does it need some maintenance work done beforehand? You don’t want to risk a breakdown in the hot sun. The following post highlights some things to consider:

Before You Head Out

Check or change the oil: If you’re not ready for an oil change, take out the dipstick and see if you need to add oil.

Replace the engine air filter: Check your owner’s manual to find the air filter. If it’s dirty or filled with debris, replace it with a new one. Read full post at NAPA Know How...

Staying safe and prepared is important, particularly when traveling with little ones. You may choose to purchase a car safety kit to save on time, or you could get whatever items you need and add them to your kit.

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The following post looks at some essential first aid items you should have:

The Top 10 First Aid Items You Need for Your Summer Road Trip

Summer is a great time to hit the road for vacation, but it is important to make sure you are prepared for injuries, illnesses and other problems that might come up.

No matter where you are planning to travel for your summer road trip, you will need to stock up on first aid supplies before leaving. You will be ready to handle any problems that you run into on the road. Read full post at Kentucky Care...

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