3 Facts About Prom You Want To Know

3 Facts About Prom You Want To Know

As we approach the month of May, young people in America are looking forward to one of the most significant events in their life – Prom! There is a lot that goes into making the event successful. The fact that it happens once in a student’s life heightens its significance. You may have wondered why it is so widely celebrated and where it originated from. This post will share some facts about prom that might interest you.

A walk down memory lane is a sure way to establish the origin of anything. Where did prom originate? The following post tells the story that many don't know:

The word prom comes from the word promenade, meaning walking path or walk through. The first version of a prom, as noted in the 1979 issue of the Harvard Crimson,  is believed to have been an annual Ivy League tradition of “‘presentation week.”  In 1894, there was also a journal entry written by a student from the then all-male Amherst College which gave his account of being invited to and attending a prom at nearby women’s school, Smith College. The prom tradition made its way to high schools by the turn of the century. Read more at Heritage Herald…

If you investigate further, you’ll realize that prom isn’t just another event. Apart from the fact that it is a glamorous event that is almost as significant as a wedding, prom serves its own special purpose.

3 facts about prom

Ever wondered if prom night happens in other places around the world and how it is celebrated?  The following post explains this in detail:

Prom celebrations around the world

Although Americans think of prom night as a native rite of passage, countries all over the world have their own traditions when it comes to teenagers dressing up and dancing the night away.


In Finland, prom is called Vanhojen tanssit, which means "ball of the new seniors." The formal evening honors students going into their final year of high school, and often includes choreographed group dances. Read more at Newsday…

It’s always interesting to learn that different people can have a lot of things in common, such as prom night in other countries.

3 facts about prom

Any event of significance has a financial implication, and prom night is no exception. The following post gives the stats on how much money is invested into this one-time event:


Eyes open mouths agape, a crowd of onlookers gasps as Hillary Duff descends the stairs into the ballroom, dressed in an effusively brilliant white ball gown. Out of blind jealousy, one bystander exclaims, “Hate her, love her dress.”

As depicted in the 2004 movie “A Cinderella Story,” Prom is every girl’s chance to feel like a princess. Adorned with meticulously done hair, makeup, a beautiful dress and killer heels, girls are provided with the opportunity to feel unique, stunning and confident on this special night. Unfortunately, attaining an undefined level of “flawlessness” often evolves from being a desire to feeling more like a responsibility. Read more at Verde Magazine…

The truth is that prom night is what you make it. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a memorable night. A little touch of creativity can make all the difference for you and your friends.

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3 facts about prom

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