How To Make The Most Of Your Road Trip

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When you have a special someone in your life, you want to make them feel appreciated. If you’re like most people anniversaries and birthdays give you the chance to do something out of the ordinary However, as the years go by, you might find yourself running out of creative ideas.

One suggestion you may not have considered is a road trip. Planning a road trip offers endless opportunities for fun, whether it’s just the two of you or even with the kids. If you have young children, you may think it’s impossible to have a successful road trip. You’ve probably heard numerous horror stories of family road trips that turned into complete disasters. However, the secret is in proper planning. The following post gives you some tips on how to plan a family road trip and actually keep it fun:

Here’s how to spend multiple hours in a car with children and still arrive (relatively) intact.

1. Pack Like A Pro. The goal: to keep the stuff that’s filling up the passenger area of the car to a minimum, while still making sure that those Goldfish are accessible like now. You already know to keep an assortment of toys, food and drinks readily available…but do you know what else you should have? A secret stash of more snacks and fun stuff to be revealed as necessary, (like when you miss the exit and the very small people in the car need a snack RIGHT NOW). Read more at Alamo…

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Admittedly, there are a lot of things you need to think about as you plan your road trip. Fortunately, there are certain tricks that will help you avoid the common problems that occur as a result of overlooking one or two details.  The following post explains how you can make your trip awesome while avoiding the common problems that kill the fun:

Five Ways I Make Road Trips Even Better

This year has without a doubt been the year of road trips for me. Almost every trip I’ve taken over the last few months has involved a lot of driving, but that’s a good thing. There’s nothing better in my opinion than experiencing a new, or even slightly familiar, destination on the open road. Not beholden to train or bus schedules, the freedom that only a car can provide transforms a simple trip into a journey of discovery. Ireland, Germany, Nevada, Iceland and still more destinations have been featured on my road trip playlist so far this year and after spending many, many hours in a variety of cars I’ve created some best practices that I want to share with you all today so that you can enjoy this fun way of exploration without sweating some of the annoyances. Read more at Land Lopers…

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One of the first considerations for having a great celebration trip is the car. You need to be sure that your means of travel is safe and reliable. Should you take your own car or should you hire one? The following post describes some of the things to take into consideration before making this decision:

Road Trip Dilemma: Renting Vs. Driving Your Own Vehicle

You’ve mapped out every minute of your upcoming road trip. You’ve booked rooms, tours and even jotted down can’t-miss diners and dives.

But who’s driving? And what? When it comes to driving long distances, not everyone reaches for their keys at once. And many times, there is a good reason that someone prefers to be a passenger or at least a driver of someone else’s car. Road trips can rack up mileage and routine maintenance – and those are just the known threats. Your national park tour could subject your prized Prius to getting charged by a ram, rammed by a Charger, or even “borrowed” by a vagabond who just went out to get some milk and eggs. Don’t worry, he’ll totally, probably be back soon. Right. Read more at Allianz Travel Insurance…

If you live in Virginia and are thinking of ideas for your upcoming anniversary, consider a mini-road trip. You’ll get to make it even memorable without having to plan an extensive road trip. Virginia has lots of fun places to visit including its top of the mill wineries and their nature trails, or you could take a tour of the popular art galleries around.

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