Your Ultimate Christmas Plan: The Richmond Tacky Light Tours

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richmond tacky light tours

It’s Christmas season again! This is the time of the year when you and your loved ones can connect and have a great time as you review the experiences you’ve been through this year. If you are going to have a few days off work, it’s the perfect time to think of some meaningful activities, both indoor and outdoor, to keep the excitement levels up – especially if you have young children.

If you’ve always done pretty much the same things during past holidays, this may be the time for something out of the ordinary. Consider taking your loved ones for the Richmond Tacky Light Tour. As the following post describes, this has been one of the most famous Christmas destinations in America over the years:

America’s Favorite Cities for Christmas Lights 2016

Each city in the country has its own traditions and celebrations for the holidays, but for some, it’s a yearlong wait for their shining moment on the calendar.

In this year’s America’s Favorite Places survey, Travel + Leader readers cast their votes on which destinations they love the most for Christmas light madness…

On a more niche level, Virginia’s famed “100 Miles of Lights” helped three of its cities make the list. Richmond has private homes with more lights than anywhere else in the country. Read more at Travel and Leisure…

richmond tacky light toursRichmond’s tradition of setting up Christmas lights has been an attraction every year for decades. In fact, some of the families in Richmond have participated in this tradition for over 30 years.

The lights are already up and you don’t have to wait any longer to take your tour. The following post explains more about the Richmond Tacky Light tradition:

Richmond Tacky Light tradition lights up Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season

It’s hard to believe, but starting tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, we are officially in Tacky Lights season.

Roughly half the houses on the Richmond Tacky Lights list light up over the Thanksgiving weekend. The other half will wait until Dec. 1 to flip the switch, along with downtown Richmond’s Grand Illumination.

We’re here to get you fully prepped to make the most of your Tacky Lights season.

Besides the Phifers being featured on ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight,” here’s what else you need to know: Read more at Daily Progress…

Some of the residents are inviting visitors to drive through their displays. You are bound to love the whole experience.

richmond tacky light tours

What better way to enjoy the tour than to be chauffeured around so that you and your loved ones don’t need to worry about anything except having fun together? The following post explains how you can do this:

Tacky Light Tour 2017 In Richmond Virginia Hosted By Camryn Limousine

A new Tacky Light Tour has been announced by Camryn Limousine, which showcases the Christmas lights on display in the local area. The tour visits the best festive lighting displays in Richmond, Virginia, and is ideal for anyone wanting to see Christmas decorations.

Camryn Limousine has launched a new Tacky Light Tour in Richmond. The service includes guided limousine tours of the best light displays in the area through December 31, and is perfect for anyone who loves Christmas decorations and light displays.

More information can be found at:

The Tacky Light Tour is a fun and exciting Christmas tradition in the Richmond area of Virginia. The residents of Richmond put on the best festive light displays they can in an attempt to out-do each other, and the tradition happens every year around Christmas time. Read more at Reuters…

Go ahead and make plans for the Richmond Tacky Light Tour this year! Camryn Limousine is here to ensure you have the time of your life.

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richmond tacky light tours

We have a comprehensive fleet of vehicles to choose from, including limousines, SUVs, sedans, limousine vanterras, buses and coaches. We have all you need for the perfect Christmas treat as a family or group of friends. Call us on (434) 990-9070 or visit our website to make your reservations online. We look forward to helping make your Christmas amazing!